Watch Out For Medicare Trolls

Watch Out For Medicare Trolls! 

Since my wife Q is still visiting our son overseas, yours truly went north with Plato to visit our daughter and to celebrate a birthday.

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Of course, you know the Annual Election Period began last Saturday.

I’ve really enjoyed catching up with so many of you. Most people seem to be good with their existing coverage. However, we’ve definitely made changes for others, so…

If you’re unsure, or things aren’t working right, book a time on my calendar.

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Even though I’m years away from beginning Medicare, somehow I’ve started getting calls from the Medicare Trolls and boy is it annoying.

Every day, I’m hearing about how people are being bombarded by call centers that are most likely operating illegally.

Here’s a tip to see if they are legitimate:  Ask the phone caller for their insurance broker’s license number when they call you, uninvited. Typically, they will hang up.

So many of these benefits you are hearing about advertised on television are for people who have super low incomes.  You’ll hear about these benefits that you may not even be eligible for. These call centers are trying to trick you to get on the phone so they can switch your plan, whether it’s appropriate or not.

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Say hello to longtime clients Adrienne and her mother in law, Bonnie, seen here celebrating her 99th birthday. Do you want to know the definition of living well? You are looking at it. I love Bonnie’s smile and I hope to be half as sharp as her when I reach my 90’s.

So Watch Out For the Medicare Trolls! 

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If you’re unsure, book a time on my calendar. If you’re happy with your coverage and it’s still working well and there are no major changes, you may not have to do anything.

So keep calm and carry on!

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