A couple of ideas that could make the weekend better!

May this blog post find you in good health enjoying a joyful Easter, Passover or just a beautiful spring weekend …  

And, of course, with your Medicare Insurance working properly.  Here are a couple of ideas that could make the weekend better …

Quantz Bruns-Kyler painting for The Big 65 Medicare insurance broker in Colorado.

Well, we thought we would be home for a while in Colorado, but while Quantz was painting window trim on Wednesday, she got a call from her dad asking if she’d head east and help him take care of her mom. Q left the next morning for South Carolina.

That’s the thing about health, it can change in a heartbeat, so it’s always important to be prepared with your paperwork: living wills, medical power of attorney, wills, and having financial paperwork in good order.

Is yours up to date? Ping me if you need a link to any of these forms and don’t wait for an emergency!

Karl Bruns-Kyler Colorado Medicare insurance broker discussing ideas that could make the weekend better.

Plato was thrilled I didn’t have to leave him again. He likes being with our daughter Sus and her animals when we are out of town, but I know he is happiest at home (maybe I’m just projecting).

Moderate drinking has no health benefits for The Big 65.

Did you see this news story? How disappointing to learn a glass of wine a day may not keep the doctor away.

I was talking with our neighbor Sally about this article.

Sally Wurr is an author and international speaker based in Colorado.

Sally is an author as well as a group employer health insurance broker.

Her perspective? Like almost everything in life, the secret is moderation.

It’s always good to be reminded of that.

Thank goodness for perspective. So, I won’t be giving up wine completely. Besides, as my wife says, what’s the point of living forever if you don’t have any fun, right ?

Fermented foods are healthy for The Big 65 Colorado Medicare insurance broker.

This article on gut health reaffirmed the importance of adding fermented foods regularly to your diet.

It’s the small actions we take over a long period of time that can have positive (or negative effects on our health).

Fortunately, I love kimchi and sauerkraut, but yogurt is also a healthy alternative.

Nicholas visiting WW II fighter planes_The Big 65.

Our Air Force son seems to be settling back into his routine overseas.

While on his huge base in England, he came across a hanger which still houses some US WW II fighter planes with victories of over the Nazis, he thought it was pretty cool!

Karl Bruns-Kyler with Suz and KC at Bug Trivia Night in Colorado.

Since my wife Q is out of town, our daughter Sus and her boyfriend KC invited me to bug trivia night at the Museum of Natural History.

Free drinks (told you I wasn’t giving them up), a great bug exhibit, and we came in third.

My only contribution to the score was the German word for beetle, kafer, thank goodness I had a German dad.

David and family celebrating Passover - friends of The Big 65.

Thanks to my buddy David for sending these pictures celebrating Passover with family and friends.

Two beautiful children_friends of The Big 65.

Is there any greater joy than the smile of a child?

That’s it for this week. Keep squeezing the juice out of life.

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We are here if you need us.

Let me know what’s going on your life, please send pictures :).


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