Are your doctors really taking care of you?

Are your doctors really taking care of you?  Is your Medicare insurance working properly?

Cartoon of two women discussing medical and technology challenges in a cemetary.

I wish the above cartoon was a one-off joke that we could all laugh at and ignore, but that just isn’t the case. Getting lost in the medical labyrinth is much more common than we would like to believe.

Today, I want to share a tip on how to get in to see medical providers faster when they can’t see you in a timely manner.  

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I spoke with a client in Michigan this week who was under a double whammy: a power outage because of the snow and a specialist who couldn’t seem him for three months.

Photograph of a monkey sitting on a gold crown.

While I couldn’t do anything about the outage, this is the solution that did help him get in quicker:

James started calling the receptionist EVERY DAY the moment they opened and right after lunch to KEEP asking about cancellations. The polite/squeaky wheel often gets the oil!

Karl Bruns-Kyler of The Big 65 sees monks walking.

We spoke on Monday and by Thursday, James had gotten on his Urologist’s calendar. This will not always work, but it often does.

Of course, you could consider finding a different physician, but most of don’t like to switch doctors. There is normally great value in long term continuity.

However, if you are consistently underwhelmed by the response you receive from your provider, you may want to look up their ratings on third party websites like, Vitals or some of the others listed in this link.

Shoplifters will be prostituted sign in a store.

If you discover that a provider is consistently receiving negative reviews, you may want to look for a new provider.

Please know the lion’s share of medical providers are doing their best to provide great care, but like everything else in life, the eighty-twenty rule applies.

Photo of Quantz and Nicholas reunited with The Big 65 and Karl Bruns-Kyler.

Well, I am pleased to report that the Bruns-Kyler family has reunited in Kuala Lumpur. Quantz returned from travels in Burma and…

Nicholas holding chopsticks with Karl Bruns-Kyler.

Our Air Force son, Nicholas, after three cancelled vacations because of the Ukraine situation, was finally able to meet up with us for some for very well-deserved leave.

Time with grown up children is a blessing, isn’t it?

Malaysia is a multiculture country of Malays, Indians, and Chinese.

Malaysia is a very modern country with a very old world feel, a very multicultural country of Malays, Indians and Chinese.

Malaysia in a beautiful country with great food, Karl Bruns-Kyler.

That means the food is incredibly diverse and delicious. Though we didn’t try everything.

Photo of Drunken Duck Tongue on a menu.

One of the things we did finally try is durian, have you heard of it?

Durian is a fruit banned in Singapore because of the smell.

This fruit is banned in Singapore because of its smell, but it has a fanatical following, nonetheless.

Photo of Karl Bruns-Kyler and his son Nicholas.

Of course, following my axiom of trying new things, we had to give it a try.

Karl Bruns-Kyler is a Medicare insurance broker with The Big 65 Colorado.

I’ve gotta tell you, I am NOT a fan. It has a taste of rotten onions and the texture of meat.

As you can imagine, Q was not a fan. But hey, it’s off our bucket list. You win some, you lose some, right?

Quantz points to "No Durian" sign on store window.

That’s it for this week. Keep squeezing the juice out of life.

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We are here if you need us.

Let me know what’s going on your life, please send pictures for the newsletter, and remember…

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