We saw the Easter Bunny!

May this blog post find you well, with your Medicare Insurance working properly.

We saw the Easter Bunny!

Cute kid with bunny hat for The Big 65.

Did you see any Easter Bunnies last weekend? We did!

That’s the problem with grandkids and great nephews…

They steal your heart, don’t they?

Little Freda with grandmother in Germany for The Big 65 Medicare insurance broker.

Little Frida, with her grandmother in Germany, belongs to Alex, one of the many exchange students we’ve hosted over the years.

We can’t wait to meet little Frida and pinch those cheeks this summer.

Nice lady in pink with cute boy at playground for The Big 65.

People glow around their progeny.

According to many articles, staying connected to grandchildren makes us healthier.

Of course, it depends on the grandparent. My mom loved spending time with our children.

My dad? Well, he was a classic curmudgeon and, as WC Fields used to say, he “liked children… when properly cooked !”

WC Fields holding a kid for The Big 65.

Every person and every household is different, but I’d like to think our heart health and general well-being will improve with meaningful connections.

Florence with her boyfriend in Colorado for The Big 65.

This year, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting my wife Quantz’s second cousin’s daughter, Florence, from France (seen here with her boyfriend) while she volunteers at an inner-city music school.

Having a young ‘un about keeps you on your toes, and that’s great for cranky old dudes like me.

May I continue to learn to be flexible and not sweat the small stuff, right?

Elder Care Attorney Kate Silburn for The Big 65

I went to a fantastic workshop this week on wills, medical directives, and trusts led by Elder Care Attorney Kate Silburn.

Kate has a Masters of Divinity from Harvard (volunteering as a hospice chaplain) AND also a Law Degree from Columbia (one of my Alma Maters). Kate is compassionate and crazy smart.

The workshop confirmed the importance of getting your paperwork in order, before it’s too late.

Kate graciously offered to help any of my clients (that means YOU) complete a Medical Power of Attorney form, for NO COST, seriously!

If you don’t have a Medical POA, send Kate an email, Kate@rockymtnelderlaw.com, and mention TheBig65.

Check out her website.

When kid is emotionally overwhelmed_The Big 65

Though this quote came from an NYT article about helping children cope with stressful situations, the question could be helpful in many conversations.

The next time you engage with a friend or a family member in a tough spot, consider asking:

Do you want to be helped, heard, or hugged?

Many times, our auto-response is to try to fix everything.

Sometimes the best thing we can do for those we love is to just to listen instead of offering unsolicited advice.

I’m going to keep working on this skill.

I told my little brother Haas he should ask this fish those same questions.

Haas catches another monster in Virginia for The Big 65.

His response? Do you wanna be steamed, fried, or grilled …?

Turns out he returned this trout to the pond! Well done brother!

That’s it for this week. Keep squeezing the juice out of life.

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