What’s the best drink for your health?

May this find you in good health with your Medicare Insurance working properly.

Today, I pose the question:  “What’s the best drink for your health?” 

But first …  the Bruns-Kyler family has returned to the States and boy are we glad to be home.  
The Big 65 Medicare insurance broker watches Quantz entering a car.
We chose to return home early because some family members are having health issues and Q wanted to be with them. That’s why I love her.

Can you tell where this week’s pictures were taken? As you read, pay attention!

I’ll be sending out Starbucks gift cards to the first five folks who email back the correct answer!

It’s great to be in my office again, plus, it’s time to get the yard ready for Spring.

Karl Bruns-Kyler having tea with friends.

For whatever reason, we’ve been seeing numerous Medicare billing issues so I have been drinking a lot of tea AND coffee to stay focused.

Be cautious before paying a Medicare related bill, mistakes are common!

Nice lady pouring tea by The Big 65.

This week, one client’s pharmacy claimed they didn’t have drug coverage.

That is the type of concern that wakes me up. It took a number of calls to get everything straightened out. Thank goodness the pharmacy was wrong!

I used to worry that coffee and tea could have negative effects on my health, but as long as they are used in moderation, and your doctor approves, both beverages seem to have positive health benefits.

Karl, Quantz, and Nicholas on a boat for The Big 65.

Caffeine can boost mood and improve performance, plus both drinks are rich in antioxidants.

Nice lady eating a meal with a bird on her shoulder.

Some studies link caffeine to weight loss and both drinks may provide anti-cancer benefits.

Beautiful plants indoors_photo by The Big 65 medicare insurance broker- agent.

One client in Texas shared how he takes a “Coffee Nap” in the afternoon.

Interesting plants in the sky.

When Michael is tired and has things to do, he’ll down a coffee, set an alarm for thirty minutes and take a quick siesta.

Quantz and Nicholas enjoying a meal together.

The caffeine will usually kick in just as the alarm goes off and then he is able to be quite productive.

Nice man playing an instrument for The Big 65 Medicare broker.

If you have insomnia or caffeine sensitivity, this may not be a good idea, always talk with your doctor.

The bottom line, it’s healthy to review your liquid consumption patterns and see if you can make small tweaks to optimize productivity, sleep, and overall health.

Nicholas embracing Plato for The Big 65.

Our Air Force son, Nicholas, is sure enjoying his first extended vacation in two years. Plato was so excited to see him when he got to our house.

We’re just happy to have our son home.

You know how quickly they grow up so don’t take anything for granted.

That’s it for this week. Keep squeezing the juice out of life.

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We are here if you need us.

Let me know what’s going on your life, please send pictures for the newsletter, and remember…

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