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May this blog post find you in good health with your Medicare Coverage working properly.  Today, I want to discuss paperwork that matters.  But first …

Aren’t these kids cute? I’m a sucker for dinosaur jammies, must be the grandpa instinct kicking in, eh?

Karl Bruns-Kyler holding cute kids in Vietnam

Many of you tell me about the joy you receive from your grandvarmints and how important they are to you (at least till they start being teenagers).

Some clients hope to leave something to the next generation. Others say their plan is to spend it all and enjoy life to the fullest.

Either way, most of us hope we will never be a burden to our spouses, our children, or our grandchildren. And yet…

I speak with clients REGULARLY who may be leaving their loved ones in a tight spot if they don’t get this right. Click on the picture below to make sure this isn’t you.

If we live long enough, we are going to die. Therefore, it is essential to have these documents in place long before we need them:

    1. Last Will & Testament
    2. Trust (if necessary)
    3. Power of Attorney
    4. Healthcare Power of Attorney
    5. Living Will
    6. HIPAA Release
    7. Letter Of Intent


Not having these documents in place can cause terrible difficulties for your family, so take the time to leave them in a good situation.

If you already have them in place, make sure they are up to date. If you haven’t done them, look for an Eldercare Attorney or consider these forms as a starting pointThis is paperwork that matters to everyone.

New friends Tim and Kate in Cambodia with The Big 65.
While travelling in Cambodia, we met and made friends with Tim and Kate, a father/daughter duo from South Carolina exploring the world together.

Tim is and his wife are retired and Kate is engaged and plans to start working when they return from their adventure. What a great way to build a lifelong memory.

Pol Pot Killing Tree_The Big 65 Colorado Insurance Broker

When I’m not working, Q always makes sure we visit places of historical interest. In Cambodia, we visited the killing fields where millions were killed by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. It was such a sobering experience and an important reminder of how things can go wrong in the world.

Chum Mey, typewriter repairman with Karl Bruns Kyler and The Big 65.

In the capital, Phnom Penh, we had the privilege of meeting Chum Mey, a typewriter repairman, and one of only seven (out of 20,000) who survived Pol Pot’s murderous prison, S-21. The reason the the seven were kept alive is they had specific skills the Khmer needed. What a miracle to have survived. Chum is such an inspirational person and so kind despite the darkness he lived through. What a lesson for us all.

Man watering garden in Vietnam.

We have so enjoyed getting out of the cities and seeing the countryside.

Farmer with small crabs in Vietnam with The Big 65 Medicare Broker.

Asia is graying faster than almost any other part of the world. People are working longer and also staying active, which is a good thing. This farmer showed us the small crabs she gathered from the dry rice paddy on her farm.

Oliver the owl in Vietnam with The Big 65.

While visiting some caves near Luang Prabang, we met a group of children illegally selling wildlife to tourists. Buying this owl, we named him Oliver, was probably the wrong thing to do, he cost three dollars, but we did it anyway.

Oliver the owl on balcony with The Big 65.

We brought him back to the hotel and uncaged him on the balcony (of course he bit Quantz, because no good deed goes unpunished.)

Oliver stayed till night fall and then disappeared. Of course it won’t change the world, but it made us feel better.

Vietnam scene_Karl Bruns-Kyler of The Big 65.

That’s it for now. The reason I’m here is to make sure your coverage is working the way you expected it to be working.

So if you’re having issues, and you’ve already called your insurance carrier, reach out to Gray, my right hand man,, and we’ll make sure things get taken care of.

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As a novice to navigating the Medicare system, I cannot recommend the services of Karl enough. His knowledge has saved my wife and I a lot of money, both on the Medicare supplement insurance and the drug coverage. Costs you nothing to listen and has saved up thousands of dollars over time.
-Robert B

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