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May this blog find you in great health this Labor Day Weekend with your Medicare Insurance working properly.

I hope you and your family survived the hurricane. Just spoke with clients in Sarasota. They said they are hurricane vets and escaped the worst A-OK. I’m still waiting to hear from clients in Georgia and the Carolinas. Let us know how things are going.

This little elf reminds me that in less than four weeks, I’ll be in the midst of our busiest season, the Annual Election Period when folks can make changes to their Medicare coverage.

Elf art on cobblestone street in Europe.
In the next few weeks, you should be getting copies of your plan’s “Annual Notice of Changes,” for your Part D drug plan or your Medicare Advantage Plan. Be sure to give it the once over and book a time on my calendar if we need to talk.

Karl Bruns-Kyler walking in Wroclaw Poland.

Right now, we are in Wroclaw, Poland, formerly called Breslau, Germany. I am fulfilling the dream of a lifetime: visiting the city where my father was born before he and his family escaped Europe.

They left in August of 1939 on the last free sailing of the Queen Mary, just days before Hitler invaded Poland and World War II began. My dad’s family was half Jewish and half Gentile so you can imagine how strange things were for everyone.

Some chose to leave, some chose to stay. Some died in the camps, some survived.

Auschwitz Gate.

My father never spoke about these things (he was just a boy) and he never even told my mom. I only learned about his family history when my mother visited a Gentile uncle of his in Germany when I was in college.

What a surprise to discover a whole family history we knew nothing about.
Door knob in Poland.

After visiting one of the museums, I used Google Translate to ask if they had any information about my namesake, Karl Masner, my great grandfather, who had been a museum director in the city.

Amazingly, his portrait is hung in that very museum, with the same red hair of my father. What a story for future generations.

Karl Kyler standing in front of painting of his great grandfather, Karl Masner.

We came to Poland to visit our Air Force son. It was such a joy to see him and to share these new discoveries of our family history.

Quantz and Nicholas in Poland.

The stories that make up your family’s history are more than just tales to be recounted at reunions; they’re the legacy you’ll leave for your grandchildren and generations to come.

Karl and Nicholas walking together in Poland.

In today’s digital age, there are many ways to record your family’s lineage, stories, and traditions, so they don’t get lost in the sands of time.

•  Virtual Family History Tours

Using map software or online resources, create a virtual tour of places significant to your family history. Share the tour with family members during online gatherings.

•  Time Capsule Project

Create a family time capsule filled with mementos, letters, and keepsakes. Decide on a future date for the capsule to be opened by your grandchildren or later generations.

Quantz posing with elves.

Other things to consider:

•  Annual Family Story Night
Host an annual family “Story Night” where each member shares a story or memory about the family. Record these sessions for future listening.

•  Letters to Grandchildren
Write letters to your grandchildren at various stages of their life — like upon high school graduation, getting married, or having their first child. Save these letters in a special box for them to open when the time comes.

Every week, I hear from clients who’ve lost someone they love, so do your best to preserve the memories that will have meaning for future generations.

Shirley smiling.

Thanks to Adrienne for sending this amazing pic of her mom…95 and still going strong. Shirley lives in Independent living, plays duplicate bridge three days a week, bingo twice a week, plus Pokeno and Rummikub on the weekends. Shirley might just outlive us all.

Elissa and James in Savannah.

Last week I reported of Elissa’s globetrotting adventures. This week, her hubby James wanted to make sure we knew that the two of them also have adventures together, recently exploring the great city of Savannah.

Puff and Buddy in South Carolina.

And finally, greetings from Puff and Buddy in the Low Country of South Carolina. We’re hoping they are doing well!

That’s it for this week; Keep squeezing the juice out of life!

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