One simple trick for the summer

May this blog post find you in good health with your Medicare Insurance working properly Smile emoji..

Yours truly is busy completing Medicare Certifications for 2024. It’s the same every summer. I don’t enjoy taking exams with all the different carriers but…

I give thanks for each of you, that I have a reason to get up each morning and go to work, to help others, and to take care of my family.

June, who came to America in 1974 from Korea, holding a card.

June came to America in 1974 by herself from Korea with ten cents in her pocket (seriously).

She saved the original coin and has built a successful life and business for herself and her family. Hard work and faith. Isn’t that the foundation of the American dream?

Ashleigh sitting in a wheelchair in Colorado.

I met Ashleigh in 2018, a few months after she severed her spinal cord in an accident here in Denver (just a month after my brother had his accident). We met again this week.

Five years later, she has rebuilt her life, living independently, and working as a peer mentor at the Craig Spinal Center. She is such an impressive young woman.

Flo and Plato relax together in Denver CO.

Perspective is everything. I’m as guilty as the next person of taking things for granted. But when we keep our eyes open, pay attention, and connect with those around us, we can be reminded of how much we have to be thankful for.

Flo enjoying a big breakfast in Highlands Ranch, Colorado before heading back to France.

We had our final breakfast with Florence (Flo as we call her). After a year of living in our home and working as a volunteer at an inner city music school, she is preparing for the next chapter in her life, and we are sure going to miss her. Life continues at its normal pace and then it changes, just like that.

Santiago in Mexico after competing in half marathon.

Santiago (one of our many exchange students) sent us this picture of his successful completion of the half marathon he ran in Mexico City last weekend. Now that University is over, he is preparing for an internship in Spain. The young ones keep growing up as we get closer to the end zone.

Life is short and that’s what makes it special. So be sure to remember what you are thankful for, to help others, and to laugh as much as possible.

Bacon alone cannot solve all our problems sign in Colorado.

That’s it for this week; Keep squeezing the juice out of life!

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