The Annual Election Period ended December 7th but …

May this blog post/newsletter find you in good health with your Medicare coverage working properly.

The Annual Election Period ended December 7th and Plato is ready to dance!

Karl and Plato dancing_The Big 65 Medicare Insurance Broker

It was a pleasure to catch up with so many of you all over the country and I am excited to have a little down time.

Karl and Plato watch soccer_The Big 65

Even though most of my teams are out of the World Cup, I’m having fun seeing some of the games now.

The Annual Election Period ended December 7th but … just remember, if you meant to book a time but didn’t, we can still review your coverage and put an action plan together for next year.

Don’t be like Georgia and hold it in (Georgia dug up and swallowed a mole). If you are having issues, please reach out.

Georgia-Friend of The Big 65 Medicare Insurance Broker

The end of the year is always a perfect time to look back and consider opportunities to make small changes that can improve our lives and the lives of everyone we touch.

This article captures some of the bigger ways to live well but this quote below says it all:

Ashley Montagu on aging_The Big 65

We get smarter as we age, but if we are not careful, we get crankier. Our logical minds focus on everything that isn’t working well instead of the things that are working well.

I could get angry and blame the Air Force for cancelling our son’s vacation or…

The Big 65 Celebrates in Colorado_The Big 65 Medicare Insurance Broker

I could give thanks that one of our former exchange students surprised us with a visit from Mexico. Santiago just finished his fall semester at the University of Puebla studying business.

Having him around has been great fun: playing ping pong (now he beats me), hiking and maybe skiing next week. I’m doing my best to keep up and Q is making sure Santi eats like a king (which means the house is filled with good stuff she would only get to spoil our kids.)

The static wall sit is the only thing I’ve beat him at so far!

Santiago, Karl, and Plato_The Big 65

The purpose of this newsletter is to helps us stay in touch and to inspire each of you to live your own best life. You don’t need to read it every week, just know it’s here so you can get a hold of me when you need me.

I’m constantly inspired by my brother Robert. He severed his spinal cord four years ago, but instead of defining him, this event has been a catalyst for growth. I will not minimize how challenging it has been, but Robert still practices medicine and is more connected to his patients and life as a result of this experience. He continues to push himself mentally, physically and spiritually.

He is my role model. This is him on the beach of Lake Erie over Thanksgiving.

Robert Kyler by Lake Erie_The Big 65

As we continue into the holidays, look for joy and adventure in every encounter. It’s not what happens to us but… how we choose to respond.

Have a great week, be safe, and call me if you need me.

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