How To Use Your Crystallized Intelligence

I hope you’ve been avoiding the Medicare trolls and incessant telemarketers. Beware of anyone who promises too much! Meanwhile, Plato says Happy SNowvember

Here are a few stories that may inspire you to use your crystallized intelligence.

Last Saturday, when we were walking, we ran into a buddy who saved his newly born grandchild’s life. The baby was born prematurely and was not putting on weight. After one ounce of milk, the baby stopped nursing and the newly minted doctor ordered a feeding tube but the feeding tube was not fixing the problem. The baby was still losing weight.

My buddy had been actively involved in the feeding and the care of all sixteen of his other grandchildren and he took the doctor to task.

He asked for the chance to remedy the situation by being allowed to take over the feeding. In one night, using the learning of a lifetime, Bill turned the situation around.

When morning came around, his grandbaby had consumed 2 and 1/2 bottles of formula and was on the road to living. No feeding tube was needed after Bill worked his magic.

Plato Happy Snowvember from The Big 65

We often think of aging as a diminishing process. However, don’t underestimate the power of crystallized intelligence … the wisdom we have gained over a lifetime.

In our younger years, it’s our fluid intelligence that helps us succeed. As we age, crystallized intelligence makes us specialists in certain areas and the onus is upon us to use that wisdom for good.

Since I’ve already made every mistake in the book, I try to use what I have learned to mentor the lives of younger people (and of course to help all of you with Medicare).

Aging well should also include growth, learning and trying new things, but do look for ways to share what you have learned over life with your tribe. How are you going to help others?

Here’s how Martin has helped ...

Martin is a buddy of mine in France. He bought this barren farm in 1992 when he had a still had a head full of hair. Over the next thirty years, he worked as a teacher and spent his free time transforming the land into a forest. Martin jokes that though he lost hair, he regrew it on the land. That, to me, is a legacy.

Famed psychologist Raymond Cattell describes crystallized intelligence as what we acquire from past experiences, through knowledge, and culture.

There are more ways we can learn to use our crystallized intelligence for enriching the lives of our fellow humans.

Tom’s Halloween Masterpiece …

Tom's Halloween Masterpiece That Kids Love

Neighbor Tom takes pleasure every year in building a Halloween spectacle. Though his kids have been out of the house for quite a while, Tom has created a masterpiece that brings joy to everyone who sees it. Each year, his monster madness is more amazing than the year before.

Ed and Perri walking with their dog_neighbors of The Big 65

Ed and Perri are neighbors. We usually run into each other out on the trails with our dogs. Though I don’t know them well, I always enjoy our casual conversations. Everything I read says these connections are essential to living well, to staying connected. So, keep looking for ways to stay connected, that is the secret sauce.

You all know that I love Colorado, but if you are looking for “Almost Heaven…”

Shenandoah Valley in Virginia_The Big 65 Medicare Broker

You have to go where I grew up, the Shenandoah Valley, the edge of West Virginia.

Haas in Virginia_brother of Karl and a friend of The Big 65

My little brother Haas lives deep in the Valley and he’s loving his new puppy, Georgia, even when she causes trouble. He takes her everywhere he goes.

Haas with Georgia in Virginia_The Big 65 Medicare Insurance Broker

Georgia says watch out for “Medicare bull” and don’t underestimate the power of your own crystallized intelligence. And let me know what’s going on in your world and how I can help. 

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Have a great week, be safe, and call me if you need me.

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