Here’s a simple way to avoid playing with fire

May this Medicare insurance blog post find you in great health with your Medicare Insurance working properly.

We’re having the wettest summer in forever, so we try to get outside whenever the weather permits.  Today, I want to discuss a simple way to avoid playing with fire.

Karl Bruns-Kyler of The Big 65 cooking schmores in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

Now Plato loves Smores as much as the next doodle, but he did ask me to share a fiery question:

Is your Auto & Home insurance up to date?

Photo of Flo's car after accident in Colorado.

Flo was in an accident on Thursday.

Flo and Plato sitting together in Denver Colorado.

Thank goodness no one was injured, though four cars were damaged.

Peace of mind is knowing your Home & Auto coverage is up to date.

Quantz tending her flowers in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

• Updating your auto insurance card in the glove box.
• Downloading your Insurance Company’s app.
• Setting up the Accident Support number in your contacts.
• Keeping a first aid bag in the trunk.
• Scheduling a review and/or shopping with your P&C agent.

Here’s a Forbes article that may be helpful.

Aunt Nancy in the kitchen visiting the family in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

We had a wonderful visit from Aunt Nancy who came to Denver for work and she joined us for dinner.

Sus came down from Fort Collins to be with the “fam” and we sure had a nice time.

Friends of The Big 65 gathering in Colorado.

Last year’s Father’s Day/Birthday/Xmas gift was a propane pizza oven. We’ve been getting better with our pies (and neighbor Sally makes amazing dough).

Everyone seems to love making their own pizzas. Santi gave it both thumbs up while visiting. He’s back home in Puebla, Mexico, preparing to complete his final internship before graduating University with a business degree.

Santi in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

Lifelong Met’s fan Mary Ann attended a Rockies game with her great nephew, and he was lucky enough to get a foul ball.

Mary Ann at Rockies game in Denver, Colorado.

Mary Ann said she felt torn at the game, growing up a Mets fan but living in Denver forever since. I say having two teams to root for means you can’t lose, right?

I love this pic of M’Liss and Miss Paula enjoying the beach in South Carolina. These two are part of a friend’s group which began as a weekly driveway pandemic potluck and the routine stuck (at least that’s what Weitze, another neighbor, told me.)

Nice ladies in South Carolina The Big 65.

We all know that staying connected is good for the soul. Ladies, please keep up the good work! Wanna share how you stay connected?

Plato chatting with Perry and Ed in Denver Colorado.

Plato certainly helps us stay connected. He likes to stop and chat with Perry and her husband Ed when we see each other walking.

Bob Sue and Rudy in Colorado The Big 65.

Bob, Sue, and their doggy Rudy saw me biking home in the rain (sudden downpour) and they were kind enough to let me in to wait out the storm with a glass of wine and a fun catch up.

Glad to see Rudy is on the mend !

That’s it for this week; Happy Father’s Day and keep squeezing the juice out of life!

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