There is no them, there is only us!

I hope this note finds you in great health and excellent spirit, despite the madness of the times. This joke I heard sums it up this year:

A guy walks into a bar in New Orleans and says, “Give me two Hurricanes and a Corona.”

The bartender responds, “That’ll be $20.20!”

Many of you know my wife and I have been exploring the Northwest to celebrate her retirement and loving it. We’ve had some amazing adventures and also some very strange encounters.

Click on the video picture below and hear what I learned that truly gives me hope.

May we remember there is no them, there is only us. Time and time again, I have watched strangers perform incredible acts of kindness, helping to repair cars, sharing food, donating time and money and doing good deeds.

Do not be fooled by stories of the extreme that are designed to polarize, divide and conquer us. When Americans connect with each other, face to face, one on one, we show compassion, we forgive imperfections and we accept differences. Differences are the fabric that makes our nation great, Epluribus Unum, out of many, one. This is not an easy motto to live by but it sure is a great one.

The Medicare Annual Election Period is seven weeks away. How is your plan working? Are you happy? Do we need to make changes? If so let me know and remind your friends to check in with me.

Take Care of Yourself During COVID!

My wife Q and I are into our third week of exploring the great Northwest, taking hikes, wearing masks, staying at Airbnb’s and doing as we/she pleases. After a career of 70 hour work weeks, it was definitely time for Quantz to take a break and we are loving it.

Here’s the funny thing, as a Medicare Insurance Broker, I’m actually more productive on the road than when I am working from home, crazy right? Here’s the thing, on the road, there are so many less Honey do’s, no lawn, no garage, no big fridge filled with snacks😊. Now it’s work hard and play hard, so don’t worry, I plan to keep this schedule for a long, long time.

Today, let’s remember the importance of self-care. It’s too easy to ignore our own needs when life is screaming out for our attention. But if we don’t take care of ourselves, we won’t be able to take of others. CLICK ON THE PICTURE BELOW and watch the video.

So many of us are caregivers for parents and family and it is so easy to dismiss our own needs, until something unexpected happens that turns our life upside down. Two years ago, when a family member had a significant change in health, I spent the summer as a caregiver and it changed my life, for the better. It forced me to reevaluate how and with whom I spend my time.

We only have one life so it’s all on us to front load happiness:

Drink good coffee.
Give thanks for what you have.
Help others.
Kiss babies, snuggle with pets.
Forgive, apologize and share.
Laugh as much as you can, at yourself and at life!

That’s it for this week, article below. We are about 8 weeks away from the annual election period. Remember to send your friends and family this way if they have Medicare questions.

Stay safe, stay cool and let’s talk soon!

Who is watching your Mom, your Dad or anyone you know and love in a Nursing Home?

I hope this note finds you in good health and greats spirits, despite the pandemic.

Learn the disturbing news of how a profit motive created by the pandemic is negatively affecting some Seniors in nursing homes.

If you have family or close friends on Medicare and in a nursing home, you already know to be extra vigilant in ensuring they are safe and cared for. We all know that is sometimes easier said than done, right?

Here’s an article link that goes into detail.

Check in with me if you have Medicare questions, book a time on my calendar and let’s talk soon.

How to catch a buzz!

I hope you’re having a great week, despite the heat, the pandemic and the storms.

My in laws’ brand new rider mower was totaled by the surge from Hurricane Isaias and their insurer refused to cover it, said they should have brought it inside. Aren’t you glad Medicare doesn’t work like that?

“I’m sorry your husband died Mrs. Jones but we’re not paying for the hospitalization. He should have done something to prevent his death.”
Good grief!

Today I want remind you of the importance of enjoying life. Here’s how:

That’s right, get out in the yard and garden (early or late if it’s warm).

Studies have shown being outside lowers blood pressure plus light activity still counts as exercise and we know exercise keeps us above the lawn.

And being above the lawn beats the heck out of being six feet under.

Here’s an article to prove it.

So please feel free to grow me some peaches and when my hives produce, I’ll send you some honey.

Let me know your questions about Medicare options and let’s talk soon!