How My Neighbor Made the World a Better Place

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The title of this blog post is “How My Neighbor Made the World a Better Place” …  

Plato and wrapped ham for Air Force son_The Big 65

Plato was sorry to see we shrink wrapped this ham and sent it off to our Air Force son in Britain.

Yours truly has been catching up with so many of you all of over the country and everyone seems to be excited about Thanksgiving, a normal Thanksgiving.

Our neighbor Sally on her porch in Colorado_The Big 65

Our neighbor Sally is one of those people you can always count on if you need a smile or some perspective on life (she’s an author and a public speaker). We usually catch up on the way to the mailbox and recently we shared words on the loss of a close neighbor.

John had died after a long battle with cancer.

John our neighbor who made the world a better place_The Big 65

I’ve never seen a tougher person on this planet than John. 98% of us would have given up years and year before, but John was a tough and crusty bastard (like Job) … and he would do anything for a friend. Very few people are capable of enduring the type of pain that John pushed through daily, for almost 14 years.

John had a purpose and that kept him going: taking care of his family and providing his young children a solid foundation in Christianity.

Hearse with US flag_The Big 65

We had been away for most of the weekend when he died, but that Sunday afternoon, when we got home, a hearse was in front of his house taking John away, draped in the flag of a US Veteran. I couldn’t believe that he had died. This was the strongest man that I had ever met.

John had died at home, with his family, on his own terms.

Of course there was a service, tearful goodbyes, fond memories. I knew that John would live on through the legacy of his children, Austin and Ashlyn. I thought that was all John had left us, until…

On Sunday, his wife, Nylda, texted this letter she had received.

Letter received by Nylda about John_The Big 65

Not only was John a loving father, husband and provider, but he was also an organ donor.

Even though his body had been ravaged by cancer, John was able to make a gift after death that changed the life another family.

Even in the darkest moments, if we seek to live a life of service, everything can change.  And yes, this was another way my neighbor made the world a better place ….

Despite the great political discord that is amplified every day and fractures our joy, remember:

We share more in common than we do in differences.

Regardless of beliefs, Americans are the kindest, most giving people I have met anywhere on the planet.

Currently, there are over 100,000 people in the U.S. waiting for an organ transplant.

There is only us, so, consider being an organ donor.

Kyler brothers break bread together_family photo_The Big 65

This Thanksgiving, reconnect with those you love, forgive grudges, let go of the past. Life is short, give thanks, eat, laugh, dance, help others.

You may never know how your good intentions can help others.

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