This might keep you out of the ER!

May this blog post find you in great health with your Medicare Insurance working properly Smile emoji..

The fourth of July is behind us now and we are cruising into full summer. We had a great time eating with neighbors and watching the little ones play hard.

This might keep you out of the ER ….!

Plato admiring orange flowers in Colorado senior market.

Plato had a little too much fun on the fourth, he grabbed the grease drip off the BBQ and went rogue … Pig emoji.

It took an hour of scrubbing to get all the grease off his face. Live and learn, right?

Karl Bruns-Kyler of The Big 65 holding bowls of vegetables in each hand.

Plato didn’t get sick, thank goodness, but his escapade did remind me of an article I wanted to share: “5 Things I’d Never Do As Urgent Care Doctor This Summer,” from

Flo standing in the kitchen in Colorado.

The article lists five absolute must NOTS to avoid in the summer:

Quantz in Colorado.

1. Don’t dive headfirst without knowing the water depth.

2. Don’t ride without a helmet.

Karl holding a schmore in Colorado.

3. Don’t walk in the woods without long pants tucked in and tick protection.

4. Don’t play with firecrackers.

5. Don’t eat food that’s been sitting out too long in the sun or that has been undercooked.

Sus rock climbing in Colorado.

For our rock-climbing daughter, Sus, I’d also add, “don’t tell your dad when you’re climbing.”

She’s an engineer and super methodical but I still prefer to remember the words from Hogan’s Heroes:
Hogan's Heroes meme.

The bottom line, there’s enough risk in our lives already, being aware of these simple things to avoid will increase your chances of staying out of the ER.

Group of people gathered for high school reunion in Loveland, Colorado.

Quantz had her high school reunion last weekend up in Loveland, and everybody seemed to have a great time, the weather was lovely.

Q and friends in Colorado.

Isn’t it funny how important we thought the small stuff was back in the day?

Now we’re just happy when our backs don’t hurt and our kids are doing okay Smile emoji..

Adrienne and Winston in Colorado.

Thanks to Adrienne for sending this picture of Winston, he’s all grown up and looks great, like a mini Plato (but probably better trained Smile emoji.)

That’s it for this week; Keep squeezing the juice out of life!

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