“Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night”

“Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night”

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family …

May this blog find you in great health with your Medicare coverage working properly.

A caricature of Karl and Plato together.

Plato and I are batching it this holiday weekend while Q is in the Low Country with her siblings and her dad. Does this look like party time in America? We are smoking turkeys and living large!

Older lady on the phone for Medicare insurance coverage.

Are you still ignoring the Call Center propaganda? The big corporations are happy to switch you, but when it comes to customer service, good luck in the Philippines when they mess things up!

Always deal with an individual, never a corporate vacuum. Use the same person year after year, even if it’s me 😊.

If you need to make a change, Book a time here or email Gray, Gray@theBig65.com and he’ll squeeze you on to my calendar. If you are happy, mute the commercial.

Flowers and two cooked turkeys sitting on a kitchen counter on Thanksgiving Day in Colorado.

I took a few calls this morning to make sure I’m staying caught up. I love hearing what people are preparing. Sean always deep fries his birds and they look amazing.

Plato next to some turkeys in the kitchen.

Plato and I tried a different tack this year, spatchcocking the bird, then cutting it in half. We then injected it, covered it in spices, vacuum sealed it, and then sous vided, cooking it in a water bath at 140F for five hours. We then threw it in ice water and smoked it. It turned into a bigger job than I expected, but it was fun to try something new.

Karl's kitchen on Thanksgiving Day in Colorado.

We’ll see what the neighbors say when I bring it over. Keep your fingers crossed, but it won’t be for lack of effort.

A copy of the poem "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night" by Dylan Thomas.

I love this poem because it captures the essence of aging (and cooking turkeys), don’t go quietly.

When things do not go our way, it’s too easy to give up, to blame others, to feel sorry for ourselves, to find an excuse instead of moving forward. This brings us to the topic of loneliness and the steps we can take to minimize it.

According to this article, the simple act of saying hello to strangers can have a huge impact on wellness and happiness.

Tony on the Bluffs.

I said hello to Tony while walking on the Bluffs and we ended up having an incredible conversation. I never would have known the obstacles he has overcome and continues to battle if I hadn’t reached out to make the connection. This dude has incredible fortitude.

Clara Belle the adorable dog looks up at the camera.

Saying hello to clients daily and reconnecting year after year is the most meaningful part of my job. This morning, I learned the story of Clara Belle, Mary Beth’s adorable dog.

“I rescued her off the highway where I saw her running along. I turned the car around and opened up my car door and she jumped right in. I put ads on Facebook and Next Door but never received any responses. She had no chip and hadn’t been spayed. After a trip to the vet and the groomer she has become such a delightful friend. God definitely does work in mysterious ways!”

Mary Beth sitting in front of her Christmas tree.

Never underestimate the power of a kind word or kind act. Small acts can change the world.

Of course big acts like Boris the Mastiff, dressed as a beanie baby, warm hearts equally.

I’m guessing Annette and Mark had lots of hellos from strangers when they took this 200 pound bundle of love out to trick or treat.

Boris the Mastiff entertaining children in the neighborhood.

Here’s the bottom line:

Excerpt from news article

Many of you know our house is empty of guests and exchange students for the first time since we married.

This week, my Buckeye buddy David reached out and told me of a youngun who needed a place to live… with his dog. I must be getting old because my first reaction was “OMG, that’s all we need is two dogs in the house.” I was becoming curmudgeonly.

I told David I’d get back to him in a week or so after I spoke with Q.

I called Quantz and she immediately reframed the situation, “so we’ll set expectations and we’ll make it work, besides, it’s not like Plato doesn’t destroy things from time to time, it’s only stuff.”

My reflex had been to say no, not yes. Thank goodness I married up. Instead of waiting a week, I called the Max Thanksgiving morning and told him he was welcome in our home.

Of course it’ll require adaption, of course it won’t be perfect, of course Plato will be jealous, of course it was the best thing we could have done.

Say hello to strangers, they won’t be strangers for long and you won’t be lonely.

Max holding his beloved dog.

Keep squeezing the juice out of life!

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