Here’s a Little Food For Thought

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Here’s a Little Food For Thought …

Child in traditional costume on horseback_via The Big 65

Meanwhile, my wife Quantz is still in Burma exploring the cultural sites while I work from Thailand where the internet makes it much easier to run daily appointments and to help clients with their Medicare issues.

Quantz pets the big elephant in Burma via The Big 65.

Q tells me she is one of the first (and perhaps the only) American tourist in Burma since the coup.

Quantz with two boys in Burma_via the Big 65 and Karl Bruns-Kyler.

I didn’t want Q to go on this part of the trip, but there is no stopping her when her mind is made up.

Burma scene from afar with compliments of The Big 65.

Now that Burma is open to tourism again, the regime is trying hard to keep visitors safe (while they oppress their own people).

Quantz carrying hay in Burma.

Apparently the police call her daily to make certain she is ok and are doing everything they can to make sure my crazy wife Q doesn’t cause an international incident.

Busful of monks in Thailand_via The Big 65 and Karl Bruns-Kyler.

Q is having an amazing adventure in Burma and I have zero regrets about staying in and working from Thailand.

Water scene in Thailand from The Big 65.

My meaning and purpose come from being a good husband, a good provider, and always being available to clients no matter where we are in the world, even if Q and I need to be apart from time to time.

Quantz wearing neck ring in Burma.

Q was told the Karen people wear these neck rings either to: protect them from tigers, make them look less attractive (making the women less likely to be kidnapped) or as a symbol of beauty. There are many theories.

In life (and in marriage) perspective is everything.

Cute kid on horseback via The Big 65.

As we age, maintaining mental flexibility and constantly challenging our assumptions and beliefs is essential to long term happiness and proper cognitive function.

Monkey posting in Thailand with The Big 65.

When I encounter new situations or someone with different beliefs, I often find myself defaulting to a negative mindset, assuming the worst about a person or a situation.

There are so many Russians on vacation in Thailand, and to most of us Westerners, they appear cold, insensitive, and very different.

They seem so pushy that it’s often hard to avoid a negative response.

I’m guessing some people in the world think the same about us. Nevertheless, we know the majority of Americans, regardless of beliefs, are incredibly generous and kind.

Karl translating Russian language on iPhone_The Big 65.

After realising how negative I was becoming, I finally pushed myself to challenge this assumption.

Using google translate, I introduced myself to two young Russians and ended up spending an hour in a fascinating conversation that gave much more empathy for the Russian people who have lived under horrible despots since time out of mind.

Karl riding with man on motorcycle_Karl Bruns-Kyler.

It doesn’t mean that I like the way they live, it means I have a better understanding of why they are this way.

Challenging default assumptions brings perspective. As we age, maintaining a flexible mind will certainly make life more pleasant for each of us and can improve the quality of our daily encounters.

Here’s an article you may find of interest, some of the keys to aging well. Check it out because you are probably doing many of these things already.

Woman using makeup from Thanaka tree in Burma.

One of the things Q sees in Burma is that the Thanaka tree is pulverized and used as a cosmetic by men and women to protect the skin and to look beautiful.

Two boys with makeup on made from Thanaka tree in Burma.

I’ll never wear it, but I’m glad I understand why they do it.

That’s what travel does, it opens us up to new perspectives. Never stop being curious!

Tulip magnolia in South Carolina from friends of The Big 65 and Karl Bruns-Kyler.

Back in my favorite country, Claire in South Carolina assures me Spring is on the way. Aren’t these tulip magnolias beautiful?

This week, I received a ton of emails asking about our dog Plato back in Colorado.

Don’t worry! Plato, our mighty Bernedoodle, is living the life of Riley with our daughter Sus (and all of her animals.)

Sus had Plato groomed and he sends his regards to everyone!

Plato in Colorado_friend of The Big 65 Colorado.

That’s it for this week. Keep squeezing the juice out of life.

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