How To Find Happiness in Retirement

May this note find you in good health with your Medicare Coverage working properly!

I made a lot of calls this week to different carriers on behalf of clients who hadn’t received their new insurance cards.

Remember, if you kept the same Medicare plan from last year, you won’t need a new card! If you switched carriers for 2023 and didn’t receive a new card, please reach out to Gray,, and we will get it taken care of.

Karl Bruns-Kyler teaching kids_The Big 65 Medicare Broker

“Head and shoulders, knee and toes, knees and toes…” Do you remember that song from kindergarten?

Well, I had the privilege of teaching it to some children in a small rural school in Cambodia this week and it was so much fun.

My grandfather and both of my parents were teachers, so it must run in the blood.

Sus talking to kids in Vietnam

My father taught until the age of 83 and I often look to him as a model for how I intend to live.

My mom was the opposite. She retired in her late fifties and enjoyed three meaningful decades of retirement: volunteering, reading, gardening and travelling.

I guess we all have our own vision of how to find happiness in retirement.

Perhaps, that’s why I love my job: I have the clients who have become my role models for the present and the future.

But not everyone finds happiness in retirement and there is no single formula to get there, but you may want to consider actively seeking out your path to make sure you are “squeezing the juice from life.”

Click on the picture below.

As a Medicare Insurance Broker, I see clients living with great joy and meaning in their post work identity. I also see clients really struggling to rewrite themselves and to discover meaningful adventures.

We spend a ton of time making sure we are financially ready for retirement, but many retire without doing the equally important part of asking…

How will I invest my time and create a life that is meaningful? According to the author, there are four stages to retirement:

  • The vacation (I don’t have to get up for work, and ain’t life grand?)

  • What the hell is next? (Is this all there is?)

  • Experimentation (Trying new things to find purpose)

  • True Happiness (When we finally figure out our purpose)

Not everyone gets to step four. You may have to do a ton of experimentation in stage three to break through.

Butt according to this Ted Talk, (pun intended) those who do the work are some of the happiest people you will ever meet.

Let me know what brings you happiness in retirement.

Quantz with monkey on her back_The Big 65

Speaking of happy, I couldn’t resist posting this picture of Q at Angkor Wat. I was up in the temples exploring and…

She was feeding the monkeys when this rascal STOLE her license and money from her wallet. Fortunately, our guide chased the monkey down, bribed him with bananas, and got her stuff back.

What are the chances of me getting Quantz to listen?

Quantz on a boat in Vietnam_Friends of The Big 65

The chances are slim to none! Q will keep doing what brings her joy.

I will keep working remotely from wherever she tells me we need to go (thank goodness for good wifi that allows me to work remotely).

Karl and cobra liquor_The Big 65

Keeping up with Quantz may drive me to drink cobra liquor, but that’s the adventure we embrace.

Sus and Q in Vietnam_The Big 65 Medicare Insurance Broker

Our daughter, Susanna, returned to the US yesterday. She had to get back to work and to take care of Plato. We feel so grateful she chose to spend her vacation with us.

David Lippy in the snow_Friend of The Big 65

Say hello to client David Lippy, long time friend and poster boy for living well, seen here with his son, Harrison, in Antarctica.

In addition to working in retirement, his company runs my website, David also serves on the board for Oceanites, a non profit doing remarkable work in Antarctica. Check out their website.

Here’s the most amazing coincidence…

David Lippy with Caroline and Sean_all friends of The Big 65

David ran into Quantz’s sister, Caroline (and her husband Sean) on board the ship. Talk about a small world!

That’s it for now. Send me your stories, have a great week and PLEASE forward this blog post/newsletter to anyone you know who needs help with their Medicare coverage.


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