There’s a new sheriff in town!

May “The Big 65 Medicare insurance blog” find you in great health with your Medicare Insurance working properly.

First, we had heavy rains and then the smoke from the fires in Canada darkened the skies. Now, it’s beautiful again here in Colorado and we are excited for summer.

Karl Bruns-Kyler of The Big 65 holding Hoover bee hives in Colorado.

The Big65 bees are doing so well you won’t believe it. I actually had to add a super to the brood boxes to keep up with the honey production.

But don’t worry I’ll never quit my day job.

Getting out and spending time by the hives just makes me happy. Plus, Q loves being outside as well. We both wear sunscreen and here’s an article on which ones work best.

Q of The Big 65 mowing grass in Colorado.

Now that we’ve been home from traveling for a while, we sometimes catch Plato doomscrolling. It’s easy to get into the habit of spending too much time on our phones.

Q and Plato doomscrolling in Colorado.

According to this article, there are plenty of positive ways to use our phone purposely that bring joy:

• Calling family and friends
• Listening to music
• Taking photos
• Happiness apps
• Learning and games

These are just a few of the ways you can use your phone to improve the quality of your life. Recently, Quantz used her phone to apply for a new volunteer position.

Q holding sheriff uniform in Colorado for The Big 65 Colorado.

So now there is a new sheriff in town (not really). But starting next week, Q will be volunteering for the Sheriff’s department in the office, doing paperwork and making phone calls.

It’s always important to try new things. As always, I’m very proud of Q.

Simple Formula For Living The Big 65.

Of course, we know the things we should do to make life better, but I’m always grateful for reminders.

I love this picture of Luisa with her dad. Is there someone you need to love on before it’s too late?

Luisa with her dad admiring a lake for The Big 65.

It’s just too easy to get caught up in daily life and take things for granted.


Santi riding a bike in Colorado.

Santi is visiting us for couple of weeks and we’re sure glad to have him. He has one more marketing class to finish and then he graduates university.

Santi sitting on a pile of rocks in Colorado.

He is very ready to do be done with school, remember that feeling?Flo and her parents with The Big 65 Colorado.You already know what big believers we are in the importance of staying connected to family and friends. We had so much fun when Flo’s parents visited us from France. They just went home, and we miss them already.

Thanks to Billy for sharing this ad from back in the day. I used to work at Bonanza in high school, setting up potatoes, parsley, and fries for the grill master, a long time ago. Look at those prices!

Bonanza restaurant vintage ad for The Big 65.

Don’t you wish the no tipping policy was still in place?

Be sure to honor those who died in service to our great nation this Memorial Day Weekend and do keep squeezing the juice out of life.

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