When dogs are on the lam – watch out for this scam!

Sure hope this note finds you in great health with promise of Spring putting a lift in your sails… and your Medicare Insurance working properly.

When dogs are on the lam – watch out for this scam!

Karl Bruns-Kyler is a Medicare insurance broker for The Big 65.

Are animals near and dear to your heart?

Last week, my little brother’s dogs, Georgia and Piper, dug under his fence and went on the lam in Virginia. Boy was Haas worried!

Haas dog on porch who is a friend of The Big 65.

Haas put out “lost dog” signs all over the county. That same day, he got a text:

Text: Hey, you missing two dogs?

Haas: I sure am! Did you find them?

Text: Before I give you ANY details, I’m going to send you a text with a code. Send me the code and then we can talk!


According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, this is a common scheme to trick consumers into giving out a Google verification code that’ll be used for illegal activities.

Be vigilant, watch out for phishing scams or anyone claiming to be a family member needing help. Always double check before you give out any personal information!

The good news, Haas recognized this as a scam and did not respond.

Dogs together for The Big 65 Medicare insurance broker.

Even better, Haas got a call from a neighbor farm and he was reunited with two very tired, dirty, hungry little rascals.

Think they were happy to be home?

Karl Bruns-Kyler of The Big 65.

Tax Day is behind us, Amen! Here’s a reminder:

If you own a business or a rental property, or, if your medical expenses exceed a certain percentage of your Adjusted Gross Income, you may be able to deduct those costs from your taxes.

This can also apply to Long Term Care Insurance Premiums.

Every situation is different, but this article is good place to start. Also ask your tax person.

Service dogs - friends of The Big 65.

Had a great chat with new client David in New York.

David’s lifelong passion has been training service dogs for different police forces around Buffalo. Recently, he was featured on TV for helping to train this Newfoundland (named Bello) to improve its obedience as an Autism anchor dog.

It’s an amazing story if you want to watch.

Service training dogs with people_The Big 65.

The good news is, thanks to Dave’s training skills, this families autistic son, who is +6 ft tall and well over 250 pounds, now has a loving companion that prevents him from bolting (which is his default behavior) and literally anchors him to the spot.

This means that the family can take their son out to McDonalds or to the park and Bello’s training and size prevent the young man from running. Bello has made everyone’s’ life better. Well done, Dave!

Healthy Foods For the Big 65.

No need for cholesterol medications, yet, but this chart shows some great foods I’ll be sure to increase eating to keep things on track.

Scott and Ruth_friends of The Big 65.

love this picture of client Scott and his wife Ruth. Scott retired from a successful career in the oil and gas industry and has re-invented himself as a Real Estate Agent.

Ruth is an author and continues to work helping companies create a culture that improves workplace stability (and financial wellness) for entry level workers.

Fun fact: Ruth and I went to the same Mennonite high school in the Shenandoah Valley. Years later, we just happened to find out we live less than two miles from each other. Small world, eh?

Client Claire and her Sheltie Fancy_The Big 65.

Sometimes a picture says everything. Client Claire and her Sheltie, Fancy, are a handsome duo, great smiles, great friends! I sure hope you have something to smile about this week!

Remember, keep squeezing the juice out of life.

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