This could make your day better!

May this blog post find you in great health with your Medicare Insurance working properly. This could make your day better!

Plato and The Big 65 Medicare insurance broker in Highlands Ranch Colorado.

Some of us are tired of the snow, but Plato doesn’t mind.

Sue in Cloud Forests of Costa Rica and a friend of The Big 65.

Bob and Sue found a way to beat the cold in the Cloud Forests of Costa Rica.

Quantz and Plato in Highlands Ranch Medicare insurance

Back home, Q says she’s not going out till it’s warm.

Guess who’s walking Plato?

Karl Bruns-Kyler The Big 65 and Plato in the snow in Highlands Ranch discuss something that might make your day better.

One of the benefits of walking is connections… neighbors, friends, strangers.

According to yet another article:

“Such seemingly trivial interactions have been shown to boost people’s positive moods and reduce their odds of depressed moods. Weak ties matter, not just for our moods but our health.”

Brenda and her granddaughter_The Big 65 friends.

Most of my work is over the phone, but this week I had the privilege of several face to face meetings. It did my heart good.

Feel the love between Brenda and her granddaughter?

Carol in the lobby_The Big 65.

I met Carol in the lobby of the repair shop by happenstance. She’s a retired physical therapist and a skier who always carries treats.

Carol’s life is filled with service as she volunteers for ARCH, an adaptive recreational program for kids here in Colorado.

Nothing replaces human connection; we are wired to connect so please…

Greet your barista, be extra kind to the cashier, nod to someone you don’t know.

Good for them, good for you!

Here’s a surprise: online advertisers prey on consumer weakness.

Online advertisers prey on consumer weakness.

When an ad shows up in your data stream with an “AMAZING DEAL…”

Due your diligence. Shop around before clicking.

Bella with Jackson the Fox Terrier_The Big 65 friends.

Who’s gonna take of your pets if you die?

This is Jackson, an ancient Fox Terrier, deaf and almost blind whose owner recently died.

Thank goodness the family made provisions for Jackson to be with Bella, a happy ending, indeed.

Don’t leave too many big surprises, do your planning.

Human Bait Needed crazy advertisement.

Anybody need a part time job ?

Thanks to Jonathan for sharing.

Keep squeezing the juice out of life.

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