About Me

If you want to know about me and my family, please read this article.

But here’s why hundreds and hundreds of clients choose to work with me year after year after year:

I help clients avoid irreversible insurance mistakes:

  • Enrolling in Medicare too early
  • Choosing the wrong plan
  • Forgetting to shop their coverage annually
  • Failing to find about “Extra Help”
  • Ignoring Int’l travel pitfalls
  • Not making sure your retirement healthcare plan will actually save you money
  • Skipping Dental & Vision Plans
  • Not leveraging VA benefits
  • Ignoring the risks of long term care
  • Under insuring
  • Over insuring

As consumers, we are bombarded with more information in day than our grandparents dealt with in a month.

Medicare confusing, complex and it’s constantly changing. We all have areas where we need help.

As an independent agent and a Certified Senior Advisor, let me help you navigate and shop. It’s what I do.

Best of all, there are no fees for our services. We are paid by the companies we represent.

Come to one of my workshops, download my eBook or schedule a 15 minute phone review.

I promise to help you take the Mystery out of Medicare!