Here’s a Thought For Today

Happy Holidays to you and your family in this week of remarkable subzero cold all over our country.  Here’s a Thought For Today: 

Plato wearing a sweater for The Big 65 in Colorado

Plato and I have been shuttling kids to the airport. Santiago, one of our former exchange students, returned to his family in Puebla, Mexico. Q has enjoyed having a son at home to spoil (while our son is overseas in the Air Force). I enjoyed our ping pong games (even though he crushed me) and our walks with Plato. It’s good to be active.

Santiago with Q and Plato_The Big 65 Colorado

Florence, my wife’s cousin’s daughter, returned to France to spend Xmas with her family. Plato is happy to report she will return in the New Year to continue her volunteer year at the inner city music school in Denver. It is always a joy to watch young people growing into their lives.

Florence and Plato at the Denver Airport_The Big 65

In catching up with Medicare clients all over the US, I am reminded that the only thing certain in life is change.

Daily, I hear stories of great sadness, struggle and separation, but also stories of hope, transformation, of families reconnecting and retirees re-inventing themselves and creating new adventures.

Jack, Adrienne, Shirley, and Winston_friends of The Big 65 Medicare Insurance Broker

“Gettin’ old ain’t for sissies!” And even though clients like Jack, Adrienne, and her mom Shirley make it look easy (sitting next to 17 month old Winston the doodle, who, for the moment is staying out of trouble), life will always be a challenge.

People will disappoint us. The world will get crazier. Traffic will get worse. Inflation will continue. Medicare will get more confusing and we’re all gonna die, eventually.

But don’t give up hope! Keep your eyes on the things that bring you joy. The highlight of my busy season was a beautiful, delicious cake, lovingly baked and sent to our home by Lorna, a client in New York. Quantz and I have been enjoying generous slices with tea in front of the tree every afternoon of this very cold week. Take joy in the small quiet moments of life.

Karl Bruns-Kyler holding cake from Lorna in New York_The Big 65

So, in the dark, cold days of winter…

Highlands Ranch, home of The Big 65 Medicare Insurance Broker

Give thanks, let go of old grievances, laugh out loud, kiss someone you love and look for ways to help others.

Plato of The Big 65 rests

I give thanks to each of you and for the privilege of being your Medicare guide.

Wishing you robust health and joy filled holidays!

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