One Step Away From A Fall

Happy New Year to you and your family and may this find you in good health with your Medicare Coverage working properly!

Word on the street is some of you haven’t gotten your new ID cards (United Healthcare has been extra slow).

If you’ve already reached out to the carrier and still haven’t received yours (like Mike in Florida), send an email to my assistant Gray,, and we’ll do our best to get them reordered.

I’m chasing the AFLAC ducks as we speak.

Karl Bruns-Kyler chasing AFLAC ducks and one step away from a fall.

We had a lot of guesses as to where we are in the world. Congrats to the FIRST five correct answers:

  • Jill in Alabama
  • Susan in Georgia
  • David in Ohio
  • Chris in Virginia
  • Quyen in Texas

Starbucks cards will be emailed this week. And the answer is…

The Big 65 in Vietnam.

Good Morning Vietnam! One of the most beautiful countries we have visited, with incredibly friendly people and a tonal language that I have no hope of EVER understanding.

Sus and Quantz in Vietnam with The Big 65.

The weather has been cool and rainy and yours truly slipped on some temple steps and almost broke his keister.  Which reminds me why we’re all one step away from a fall. 

Thank goodness I wasn’t hurt (just bruised) but it could have been a disaster.

Falls are no joke and they happen as we age with incredible regularity… especially in home bathrooms.

Click on the picture below or this link to learn what you can do to prevent them at home so they don’t up ending your retirement.

One of my favorite clients in Charleston was preparing to depart with her husband to Arizona for vacation. An early morning slip in the bathroom dislocated her replaced hip (ouch!) and caused incredible havoc.

They made it as far as their flight to Texas before she realized how bad it was and ended up having surgery and weeks of physical therapy away from home… and no vacation in Sedona.

After they returned, they put in shower grab bars, a slip resistant floor and night lights to reduce the chances of future falls.

Learn from their experience because accidents are one slip away. Most of us wish to age in place in our homes, on our terms, not being forced out of ours homes by a fall.

Be proactive and take steps to make your home safe BEFORE it’s too late. Here’s an article that may get you started.

Yoga doesn’t hurt either.

Karl doing yoga in Vietnam for The Big 65.

What’s my favorite part of travel? Well we love meeting new people, seeing new places, and getting out of our comfort zone but…

Hands down, my favorite part is the food. If you have a Vietnamese restaurant where you live, try the Banh Mi sandwich, a French/Vietnamese hybrid: crisp baguette bread, pate, roast pork, pickled vegetables, and optional spicy chilies.

This is my favorite sandwich on the planet. Not every Banh Mi sandwich is the same but if you find a good one…

Karl holding a Banh Mi sandwich_The Big 65

I promise you won’t want to share it with your hungry daughter or your wife.

Karl holding a Banh Mi sandwich_The Big 65 Colorado Medicare Insurance Broker

It’s been so much fun having our adult daughter Sus, on the trip with us. Raising kids is an expensive pain in the butt (of course it’s rewarding too) but it sure is fun to see them mostly grown up and finding their way in the world.

Sus standing in doorway in Vietnam_The Big 65 Colorado

We have one week left with Sus before she returns to work and life back in Colorado (and to take care of Plato). What a treat it has been to break bread with her daily and to share adventures on the road.

Nicholas holding a microphone in Britain_The Big 65 and Karl Bruns-Kyler

Our Air Force son, Nicholas, was supposed to join us on this trip, but he is on standby for deployment and he can’t leave the base he is on in Britain. I have no idea why he is holding a microphone, but I thought this was a pretty cool picture of the aircraft he supports. We miss him dearly. Do keep him and all our soldiers in your prayers.

Mr. Rush walking down the aisle_The Big 65

What’s my favorite part of being a Medicare Insurance Broker? It’s watching clients continue to reinvent themselves in extraordinary and meaningful ways.

This is a picture of my high school history teacher, Mr. Rush, who inspired so many of us to continue lifelong learning. Jim lost his wife a few years back but, instead of giving up on life, he continued to live a life of service, volunteering and championing many causes where I grew up in the Shenandoah Valley. He recently remarried and you can feel the joy this beautiful couple shares, together and within their community.

Remember, it’s NOT what happens to us but how we choose to respond!

Sus with new friends in Vietnam_The Big 65 and Karl Bruns-Kyler

There’s ALWAYS something to complain about, instead, look for joy in the little things:

  • Share a smile at the grocery store
  • Love on an animal
  • Reach out to a long lost friend
  • Do something nice for someone in need

And if you or your family have Medicare questions, I’ll be here if you need me.


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