Is your doctor even listening?

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Today’s question:  Is your doctor even listening?  But first …

While Quantz and I were visiting a museum in Estonia with a plague exhibit, it got me thinking about doctors.

Death with a rat on its shoulder.

Healthcare practices sure have come a long way since the days of old, but that doesn’t mean they are perfect.

Though doctors are well trained, they’re still human and they can make mistakes. Sometimes, they may pay attention to details that confirm what they assume is going on.

Karl laying down.

Other times, they might stick with a treatment for too long because they’ve already invested time and effort. Shortcuts in thinking can affect the choices they make.

In fairness, doctors also face performance pressure to see as many patients as possible in a day.

My brother, the Radiation Oncologist, says each specialty probably believes a little too strongly in the merits of their own skills, and in the merits of their own particular specialty.

Oncologists will want to do oncology; Surgeons will want to do surgery.

A person in a costume.

Consider getting a second opinion from another doctor if you’re dealing with a serious or complicated health issue. Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor to explain why they think a certain treatment is the best for you.

Another great question to ask: If you were in my situation what would you do?

Quantz in front of an art exhibit.

With doctors being so busy and spending so much time on their screens, don’t be afraid to interrupt their brusque ways with a personal question.

Get their attention, interrupt the pattern, and you may get better care. Then you can find out if your doctor is even listening…

Upside down tree hanging from two buildings.

We have had a fantastic summer exploring Europe, spending time with our Air Force son, and seeing many of our former exchange students all grown up with kids of their own.

Though Quantz will keep travelling, I’m heading home to Colorado to prepare for the Annual Election Period. It’s that time of year.

Karl reviewing Medicare options.

The best part of travel is that it interrupts your patterns and gets you out of your comfort zone. I’ve learned to work almost anywhere that has a bit of internet.

Quantz has a knack for making new friends. We spent an afternoon in a bar with group of Danish soccer fans who’d travelled to Finland to watch their team compete.

Quantz with new friends in Europe.

Think about that, they travelled from Copenhagen to Helsinki and then watched the game in a bar (they couldn’t get tickets for the match). Talk about dedication! Thank goodness the Danes won.

My favorite thing is to check out new foods, you never know when you’ll find something amazing.

Dried reindeer meat packaging.

For the record, reindeer in tube will never be on my top ten list. Rudolph is safe for now.

But if you keep exploring, eventually you’ll find an amazing bakery that makes it all worthwhile.

Quantz and Karl together in a kitchen.

That’s it for this week; Keep squeezing the juice out of life!

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