Most Senior Dental Insurance Is Crap

Holiday greetings to you and your family. Things are quieting down in the Bruns-Kyler house, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped dressing Plato in absurd holiday costumes.

Fortunately, Plato will do pretty much anything for pretzels! He is a chow hound.

Plato knows most retiree dental insurance stinks

As it’s almost the end of the year, I’ve been getting a ton of calls about dental. If you want my honest opinion about why most senior dental insurance stinks, click on this link or the pic below.

In talking with dentists and clients, the reality is, most of the dental plans don’t offer remarkable value. Most plans are slow to pay and hard to use, though some are ok.

If you are in need of dental, talk to your dentist’s billing person to see which plans they accept. Also ask them if they have an “in house” dental plan. Dentists that offer them will usually charge a consumer $200-$400 a year for cleanings, x-rays and a 20% – 30% discount off the work.

Here’s a link to one of the better plans I work with, Ameritas. If your dentist is in network, this plan is ok (I’ve been using it for a few few years and it works alright).

Better yet, if you need a lot of work, and you are adventurous, consider finding a dentist in Costa Rica. This is NOT AN ENDORSEMENT, just a suggestion.

The bottom line, do your research or give me a shout. Here’s an article from investopedia about plans.

Joe and Becky and friend celebrate Festival of Lights_The Big 65

After last week’s newsletter, I was pleased to see that great minds think alike. Clients Joe and Becky took friends to the Festival of Lights and had themselves a grand old time.

Here in Denver it’s been cold as the dickens. We took Plato up to the mountains it was 9 degrees, and it didn’t bother him!

Plato and Karl of The Big 65 playing in the Colorado snow

It’s been a pleasure having Santiago, our former exchange student, visiting for the holidays. He was excited to try skiing.

Santiago in the Colorado snow_The Big 65 Medicare broker

For the past few weeks, he’s been destroying me at ping pong, so I took guilty pleasure in watching him struggle a bit, though he definitely improved.

Santiago on skis_The Big 65 Medicare insurance broker

No doubt, one of the highlights for him was attending the Nuggets game against the Jazz. Of course he enjoyed the game, too ;).

Santiago enjoys Denver Nuggets vs Jazz_The Big 65 Medicare insurance services

Perhaps you remember Cesar, on the right, below. Our son met Cesar when they worked together in a Cuban restaurant while Nicholas was in high school (before he joined the Air Force.)

One day, our son Nicholas called me from work when I was on the East Coast visiting family and said:

“Hey Dad, I met this really nice kid, Cesar, from Guatemala. He says he’s 22 but I think he’s only 17, will you and Mom teach him English?” Nicholas rarely takes to others quickly so I said “OK.” When I got home from Virginia, Quantz had already invited him to live with us.

Every night, after his work in the kitchen at two different restaurants, Cesar and I would sit at the kitchen table and practice English. It was slow going, Cesar only finished basic school, but over time, he learned our language.

Cesar ended up living with us for four years, always sending money home to his mother, and of course, he became one of our sons. Over that time, he progressed from busboy, to food runner, to a full fledged waiter and now he speaks beautiful English and lives on his own.

My parents were both immigrants from war torn Europe and I give thanks for the privilege of being born here. Clearly, we have an absurd immigration system that desperately needs reform.

Nevertheless, our great nation was built with the blood, sweat, tears, and dreams of immigrants. I will support anyone who is willing to work, who fights to improve the life of his family. I so admire this young man and the life is he building.

Remember, “there is no them, there is only us.”

The Big 65 celebrates Medicare in Colorado

Thanks to my buddy and client, David L, for sharing this great way to approach life.

David L_Words of Wisdom_The Big 65

One week till Christmas, what will you do to make this world a better place? It can be as simple as a smile to the stressed out cashier, or not flipping off the person who cuts you off in traffic.

Forgive others, expect the unexpected, maintain a joyful heart, laugh as much as you can!

Never underestimate how your actions can change world, even now.

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Remember to review your life and dental insurance

Four weeks into the quarantine and many of us are starting to get
tired of being at home.

Here’s something to pay attention to while you have the time.

That’s right life and dental insurance.

If you have a life insurance policy and you haven’t reviewed
it in a while, it might make sense to look at it and ask
some questions.

Do I still need life insurance?
Is it too much coverage?
Is it too little?

Remember, having a trusted advisor review
your coverage sometimes means you figure
out if you can get more coverage for reduced
premiums or perhaps just cash out the policy.

Regarding dental, be sure to submit your
bills in a timely manner so the carriers
don’t decline payment.

In addition to helping you with your
Medicare coverage, we are happy to review
your other plans and make sure they are
still meeting your needs.

Take advantage of this time at home
to review things, the world will be back
to normal soon enough.

Stay strong!