It’s not you, really truly!

May this blog find you in great health with your Medicare Insurance working properly 😊.

Plato vs a bug

At the risk of being redundant (and my wife Q says I am often redundant)…

The Annual Election Period has begun 😱!

Medicare is a pain in the a.

Remember: anyone who calls YOU about Medicare without permission is BREAKING THE LAW. Ask for their insurance license number and watch them disappear 👿.

Medicare complaints phone number line.

If you’re happy with coverage, you don’t have to make changes (unless you’ve been notified your plan is ending). But if you’re curious or you just want peace of mind, book a time on my calendar. That’s why Plato and I are here 🐶😉.

Since Q is still on the road, (congrats to Anju for recognizing the castle in Syracusa, Italy) and things are not insanely busy, yet…

Plato let me know it was time for a road trip, a quick drive into the Rockies⛰️.

Plato in the front seat with Karl on their trip to the Rocky Mountains.

We travelled I-70 west to Winter Park, then continued on to Grand Lake for lunch while waiting for Rocky Mountain National Park to open for us leaf watchers without a reservation.

Karl and Plato enjoying the sunshine together in the Rocky Mountains.

If you haven’t already purchased a Senior National Park Pass, consider it! $80 bucks for folks over 62 and it lasts a lifetime. Now that’s a bargain.

Plato and Karl in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Plato had a great time sniffing everything, signing his name here and there and making new friends.

By myself, I’m just another old fart taking up space in the park, but with Plato…

Plato, the VIP (very important pooch).

I’m the bodyguard for a VIP (very important pooch).

Karl working with the bee hives in his backyard in Colorado.

You ever notice how easy it is to misread people?. At an exercise class on Sunday, I held the door for a lady and she had the meanest look on her face that it almost ruined my day 😠.  That’s when I learned – it’s not you, really truly!

Bee sting danger sign.

I assumed that I had done something wrong and started to take it personally.

Isn’t that how it goes? Somebody cuts us off, makes a strange comment, responds in a strange way or doesn’t say thank you, and we take it personally.

It’s so easy to assume we are at the center of the earth.

It's not you, really truly!


Since class didn’t start for another 10 minutes, I chose to reach out and discover the rest of the story.

It’s turns out that day was her dad’s 79th birthday… and he had died when she was TEN YEARS OLD.

Every October 1st she bakes his favorite dessert, a carrot cake, and shares it with her family. What a story.

Suz holding Plato as her boyfriend looks on.

I could have spent the entire class ruminating on what jerks people are… instead, I got a dose of humility and gratitude.

By taking the time to connect (instead of stewing in anger) the arc of the day pivoted and my mood changed dramatically.

Quantz in Tunisia.

Carry that message this week: it’s not about us! Everyone has their own story going on and it’s up to each of us to peel the onion, find out the real deal, and treat others with kindness.

Keep squeezing the juice out of life!

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