We got a scare on Thursday!

May this blog post find you in great health with your Medicare Insurance working properly.

This week, the universal truth came home to roost:

If you live long enough, you’re gonna get old, naturally…

Quantz at eye doctor with Karl Bruns-Kyler of The Big 65 Colorado.

We got a scare on Thursday!

Over breakfast, Quantz casually mentioned seeing floating objects in her eye and a shadow in her peripheral vision.

Since I actually love my wife, I immediately looked up the symptoms on WebMd and called our eye doctor who said, “get her into a specialist NOW!”

That got my attention.

Quantz eye test for The Big 65 Colorado.

Our ophthalmologist diagnosed the problem: vitreous detachment (thank goodness NOT retina detachment). Normally, this particular condition goes away on its own.

Talk about relief!

As the son of two hypochondriacs who enjoyed poor health for years, I’ve always tended to avoid doctor visits at all costs, and that’s not always a good thing.

If you experience sudden noticeable changes in your vision, see a doctor immediately. Here’s an article on when to see an eye doctor.

Quantz tending flowers for The Big 65 Colorado.

Had a fascinating conversation with Cathy in Ohio about Prolia, the bone density injection many clients take for Osteoporosis.

This is one of those excellent drugs that is expensive as sin so I get lots of calls about this topic. Cathy inspired me to get on the phone with Amgen to get clarity.

According to Gabby in the Amgen 360 Navigation Department, the makers of Prolia, here are some things to be aware of if your healthcare practitioner prescribes Prolia:

  • Find out if your MD does “Physician Purchases of Prolia through a buy in bill.” This means that instead of purchasing the Prolia through your prescription drug benefit, the MD’s practice buys Prolia in bulk and the cost of the Prolia falls under your Part B Medicare Benefits. This might save you money.
  • Ask the billing department to do a “Benefit Verification” to find out the exact cost before you do anything and have them confirm benefits with your insurer.
  • Check in with Amgen (the makers of Prolia) for advice, 888-427-7478.

The devil here is definitely in the details. Every situation is different, there is no universal solution.

Bee hive in Colorado for The Big 65.

This was a tough year for bees. Here in Colorado, professional bee keepers lost a high percentage of their hives to mites.

I thought my hive died because it was too cold, but when I did my spring inspection, there was plenty of uneaten honey. It turns out the mites overwhelmed the hive and that sure made me sad.

The good news is, I’m not giving up.

Today, I’ll be driving up to Windsor, Colorado to take another beekeeping class and to pick up two new queens and a two boxes of bees. Wish us luck.

Bear in Virginia for The Big 65 Colorado.

You can probably guess from this picture why my little brother, Haas, doesn’t keep bees on his farm in Virginia… too many of these around.

Turns out he left a bag of trash in the covered bed of his truck and this fella made a heck of a mess. Apparently bears love Gatorade and Red Bull. Remember that!

Bobcat in Florida for The Big 65 Medicare insurance broker.

Jon & Charlotte in Florida took this bobcat picture with the front door camera.

Good thing it wasn’t …. wait, is that Mittens?

Dave with his dog for The Big 65 Colorado.

Last week, I wrote about Dave the dog trainer and his work with service animals for the police.

Apparently, he takes his work home with him. Is this your definition of a lapdog? This looks like true love to me.

Sus and boyfriend in Northern Colorado for The Big 65.

Last weekend we took Flo, our French cousin, to a music festival in northern Colorado. We got to see our daughter, Sus, and her boyfriend. Good times!

Flo and tie die fun in Colorado.

You’ll be happy to know that I took a taste of my own medicine and tried something new with Flo and Sus.

Tie dye is not something I’ve ever tried before but it was fun, especially when surrounded by young uns having a great time.

Karl-Plato-Flo in Colorado for The Big 65.

Don’t worry, I won’t be joining the Grateful Dead.

But hey, now I have new shirt for yard work.

Keep squeezing the juice out of life.

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