How will you be remembered?

May this blog post find you in great health with your Medicare coverage working properly.

Question:  How will you be remembered?  

Are you taking time to enjoy the holidays with family and friends? You better! Yours truly is so happy to be over the busy season but still giving thanks for your staying connected to the Big 65.

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FYI, Medicare Part B Premiums increase to $174.90 on 1/1/24. The Part B Deductible will increase to $240. Happy New Year 🎉, kind of.

This ornament has been hanging on Kyler Christmas trees for the past 170 years.

Ornament on the Christmas tree located in the home of Karl Bruns-Kyler, Medicare insurance broker.

It began life in Breslau Germany, then traveled to Iowa, West Virginia, Massachusetts, Ohio, Connecticut, New Jersey, Virginia, California, Georgia and now Colorado. I wish I could meet all the family members it has seen over the years and hear the stories – can you imagine?

It was on our tree when we were children but only recently did I translate it, thanks to AI. Rest assured our AI Overlords will NOT take over the world before Xmas because they couldn’t even couldn’t spell “Grandparents” and it changed “1853” to “1837” 😠! Nevertheless, look at the message my ancestors sent forward.

Ornament keepsake for generations.

I don’t even know the names of these great great great grandparents, but the next time I dig through my late parent’s papers, I’ll try to find out. They wanted to be remembered.

Karl gazes at the top of his Christmas tree located in his Colorado home.

One pleasure of Christmas is remembering where the ornaments came from and piecing together the story of our lives, the origin story we hope to pass on.

Quantz and Plato and Christmas tree.

Thirty-five years of marriage, kids, animals, careers, adventures, and friends. It all comes flooding back as we hang each ornament and go through the boxes. Hopefully you too are writing some of it down for your children. They’ll be glad to have it when we are gone.

Karl's honey bee hives in Colorado.

We’ve been having warm days here Colorado and it’s a joy to watch the bees feasting on sugar water, filling their larder before the deep freeze returns. I’m hoping both hives will make it through the winter.

Jars of honey infused with pomegranate seeds and cayenne.

Just for the fun of it, we infused one bottle with pomegranate seeds and cayenne. We’ll pour it over brie on Xmas day. How will you be celebrating the holidays?

Adrienne after completing a 5K in very funny costume.

Congrats to understated Adrienne for completing a 5K and placing third in her age division (and for winning the funniest costume award 🏆).

Most of all I’m very proud of her for battling through knee injuries that kept her from running for years, but Adrienne “ain’t” a quitter. That’s a lesson for all of us to remember.

The Japanese use the word “gaman,” to endure, like the stone.

Christmas cacti in Colorado.

Jean has done some traveling this year, but what I admire most are her Christmas Cacti. She has the green thumb I wish we had.

Claire in the airplane.

Meanwhile, Claire is leaving town and heading west to see the grandvarmints, life’s great joy (at least till they get to high school, right?) You can tell from her smile that she is feeling excited.

Quantz volunteers with sheriffs department at Walmart toy drive.

My wife Q has been enjoying her volunteer work for the Sheriff’s Department. This week she got to help out with the toy drive, helping the officers bring joy back to the community they serve with honor. During the event, shopper’s at the local Walmart saw what they were doing and, unbidden, donated another FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS to helping those in need.

Of course we are in the middle of culture war with idiots on all sides calling each other names, but NEVER doubt the generosity and the love that ALL Americans have for each other. Despite the noise, when push comes to shove, “there is no them, there is only us.” Treat everyone with kindness and you’ll be amazed.

Henri the Bichon Frise in Venice.

Lynne and Paul travel everywhere with Henri, the Bichon Frise. This picture was sent from Harry’s Bar in Venice. Our dog Plato is totally jealous 🐶🐩 😒!

Every time I ride my bike past this rock cairn in the hills behind our home, I add a stone, sometimes big, sometimes little, but I’m sure to do it every time. Our lives are sum of our actions and sometimes it takes decades to see the results. Do your best to place the stones in good places.

Cairn in Highlands Ranch.

And of course, just as I finish the newsletter, I’m blessed with a Facetime call from my big brother Robert, sharing his beautiful grandchild, life’s great joy! Who knows, perhaps one day that two hundred year old ornament will adorn her Christmas tree, her grandparents asking to be remembered.

Robert Kyler holds his precious grandchild.

Keep squeezing the juice out of life and look for ways to help others!

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