Beware the Snow Ides of March!

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Here in Colorado, we are beholding the Ides of March with 30 plus inches and it’s still coming down ❄️. Client Becky around the corner said we came home too early…

Karl Bruns-Kyler shoveling snow in Colorado as Plato the friendly dog watches Karl.

Plato didn’t seem to mind, not one bit. He thinks we timed it just right 🐶.

Plato the friendly dog enjoying the indoors in snowy Colorado.

It was raining ☔ in England most of the time I was visiting our Air Force son. You know your boy is in the right place when he takes you to the Duxford Air Museum when he isn’t working on the base. It was a pleasure to spend time with him and to learn about his adventures. The young’uns sure grow up fast 😲.

Nicholas checking out airplanes and flying machines.

So now that Quantz and I are home and together again, there’s plenty to catch up on, inside and outside the house. She does the mail, the bills, and the inside stuff.

Quantz at home sitting beside the blazing fire and reviewing bills.

My job is outside the house – gutters, yard, and snow removal.

Now, shoveling snow is great cardio, but beware! According to The American Journal of Emergency Medicine, over 11,500 people were treated each year in Emergency Rooms over a 16 year period for snow shoveling related incidents 😱.

Highlands Ranch snow day.

According to another article, “your level of risk largely depends on your fitness level and whether you have cardiovascular risk factors, such as a history of cardiac or vascular disease, obesity, smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes or another chronic condition.”

If you do choose to take on a physically taxing chore, beware. Snow shoveling “drives up a person’s heart rate and blood pressure. In addition, since the chore requires engaging seldom-used arm muscles while the legs are mostly still, blood tends to pool in the lower extremities. At the same time, cold temperatures constrict the arteries, decreasing the amount of blood and oxygen reaching the heart ❤️🏥.”

Karl Bruns-Kyler shoveling snow in Colorado as Plato the dog watches in delight.

Google “Area Agency on Aging” to find local resources. Many cities have a website like ours to help seniors with snow shoveling.

Of course you could always ask the neighbor kids if they want to earn a couple of bucks.

Make sure whatever chore you tackle won’t cause you to end up in the emergency room. Remember last week’s newsletter on messed up medical billing?

As our daughter Sus said many years ago, when I hurt my back overdoing it in a yoga class “don’t be a hero daddy.”

Plato the friendly big dog in the snow.

When I told my little brother Haas in Virginia about the snow, he couldn’t help but immediately send a pic and rub it in. It’s always good to laugh at yourself, right?

Haas fishing in Virginia.

Largemouth brother catching a largemouth bass 😂🐟. I sure am grateful to have him in my life.

So that’s it for this week. As they say in the musical Annie, “the sun’ll come out tomorrow,” especially if my wife Q is around (and she even helped me shovel), I’m a lucky man. Even money says all the snow’ll be gone by next weekend. What say you?

Quantz shoveling snow in Colorado for The Big 65.

Keep squeezing the juice out of life and look for ways to help others!

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