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Greetings and may this blog post find you in great health 💪 with your Medicare coverage 🏥 working properly.

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OK, the sky’s not falling, but I am on my high horse, watching out for scams. Despite writing about this last week, we almost got burned🔥.

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My wife Q received this email invoice and asked me if we should pay😱! It’s always worth a second look before you pay a bill and this one was completely bogus.

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This week, we need to revisit Medical Billing. Now don’t fall asleep 😪. If we don’t pay attention to these common billing mistakes, it could cost us money💰.

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According to Becker’s Hospital CFO Report, 4 out of 5 medical bills contain at least one minor error.

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Not all of these errors result in higher bills, but many do. If there is an error in your bill, according to Medicare, here are a few of things you can do.

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→ Get a detailed bill resent by the provider and check it to make sure the service you were billed for was actually the service you received.

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→ Ask the doctor for a copy of your medical records and compare this to the bill.

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→ Look up the medical billing codes online. Compare them to your bill. If they don’t match what you got, contact your provider’s billing department.

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→ Confirm the bill was actually sent to your insurance company. Billing departments sometimes send bills to the consumer instead of sending them to the insurance company.

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→ Call the billing department and have them submit the bill to the insurance company so that it is processed correctly.

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→ If you are stuck with an expensive bill, make sure they are charging a fair price and not overcharging you ($200 aspirin). Consider checking FairHealth to get a sense of fair market prices and negotiate from there.

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→ You can also ask for help from a Patient Assistance program in your state.  Here is a link.

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→ One final tip: “If you’re being admitted to a hospital and asked to sign a document of financial responsibility, write in that you agree only if your care is in network, says Elisabeth Rosenthal, M.D., author of “An American Sickness.” See Consumer Reports.Plaque.

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