By all means, don’t do this!

Greetings and may this blog post find you in great health with your Medicare coverage working properly.

Connie in Ohio reminded me she’s still being bombarded by illegal Medicare calls.

If someone calls, ask for their insurance license number and watch them disappear!

Remember, it’s against the law for anyone to call about Medicare coverage without permission!

By all means, don't do this!

Call centers want to switch you, but they won’t be there to help when things go south. Good luck with that overseas call center trying to fix your problem!

It’s no surprise that Medicare is a pain in the…

Quantz with a monkey on her back.

So, if you’re having problems, or you want to review your coverage, or check options, reach out to Gray or book a time on my calendar. We’ll get it fixed, that’s a promise!

Last week, we talked about keys to longevity, things you can do to be healthier.

Quantz with a falcon resting on her arm.

And even though Quantz calls me a “nudge,” this week, let’s focus on things to avoid!

Quantz laying on the ground.

Don’t isolate:  Lack of social interaction can lead to feelings of loneliness and depression. Stay connected with friends, family, and the community, or look what happens! If you isolate, you become roadkill!

Quantz sitting at a table listening to a young lady.

Don’t engage in unhealthy habits:  Excessive drinking, smoking, or a sedentary lifestyle can negatively impact physical and mental health. Prioritizing healthy behaviors is crucial for maintaining well-being. Moderation is the key, right Q!

Plato playing in the Colorado snow.

Don’t stick to rigid routines:  While routines can be comforting, avoid becoming too rigid in your schedules. Flexibility and spontaneity can add excitement and variety to life. Just ask Plato!

A distinguished gentleman with a white beard, walking stick, smoking a pipe.

Don’t dwell on the past:  Avoid dwelling on past regrets or missed opportunities. Give thanks for what is going well, the people in your life, and look forward to the future.

The man above was my second father, Luke Sr. He was climbing ladders, causing mischief, and moving forward to the very last minute. His spontaneity and zest for living continue to be my inspiration.

The moon shining on a pastorale scene.

Don’t compare yourself to others:  Comparing can lead to feelings of inadequacy or gloating (Remember what my brother Rob said last week?) Focus on your own journey, celebrate your accomplishments, count your blessings. It’s not what happens, it’s how you choose to respond. Robert is proof of that! Keep going, keep going, keep going!

Karl and his brother Rob enjoying a fall day in Virginia.

Most important, keep squeezing the juice out of life and look for ways to help others!

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Let us know what’s going on and please send pictures :).


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