Do you really need to take a statin?

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Well, it’s a wet, windy day here in Colorado. Plato was in desperate need of a grooming session. Q said he was bringing in too much debris every time he went outside so off to the groomer he went.

Plato and Quantz together in Colorado.

I prefer him with long hair, but life’s all about compromises, right?

I’m not a big fan of going to the doctor (or the groomer), but I am a total believer in preventive medicine, stopping small problems from becoming big ones. Clip the hair before it becomes knotted, visit your primary before uncontrolled cholesterol sends you to the Emergency Room.

Today, let’s dig in on cholesterol and statins.

Plato back from the groomers and looking fine.

According to this article, roughly one in four Americans over the age of 40 are prescribed a statin to reduce cardiovascular disease.

A happy gentleman holding a fish in the middle of a river.

Many patients hesitate to take statins due to potential side effects like muscle pain or diabetes risk, leading them to seek over-the-counter supplements like plant stanols/sterols, red yeast rice, niacin, fiber, and fish oils containing omega-3 fatty acids (see Jason’s freshly caught fish above).

Haas in the Shenandoah Valley holding a Morel mushroom.

Now you can live a healthy life, like my little brother Haas, and go out into the Shenandoah Valley and hunt your own Morel mushroom (just remember the leading cause of death to mushroom hunters is poisonous mushrooms). Morel mushrooms do have compounds that may reduce the oxidation of cholesterol. Sadly, mushrooms alone may not be enough.

Research indicates that while some supplements may slightly reduce cholesterol, they’re not as effective as statins and lack evidence in reducing the risk of heart attack or stroke.

A gentleman enjoying his backyard in Colorado.

A study in The Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that statins reduce LDL cholesterol by 38% on average, whereas the most effective supplement, red yeast rice, only reduced LDL by about 7%.

Of course, I still have a cognitive bias about raw honey. Some studies say it may slightly improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Regardless, be sure to have a heart to heart with your Primary Care provider.

Beekeepers working with bees in a backyard in Colorado.

You may remember that last week we split the hives and sent the Queens north to start new hives (this is done so that the existing hive doesn’t grow too big and swarm to a new location.) Once the Queen is removed, the hive gets busy creating Queen cells to produce a new Queen

Shava the beekeeper holding bees.

I’m happy to report the hives are looking good and we should have new Queens shortly, We hope to have even more honey to share with clients this September, keep your fingers crossed! No prescription required.

Honeybees in the honey comb.

I had to laugh at this picture of our Air Force son Nicholas from years gone by when he was still a twerpasaur. We’d been on a road trip somewhere in the Midwest when he picked up this moustache at some novelty store. He thought it was the coolest thing.

Nicholas as a young kid wearing a fake moustache.

Fast forward eighteen years and Nicholas texts us this picture of himself working on the flightline at 3:00 AM on a US base in Britain, with the same dang moustache. No matter what you do, the young uns grow up and do what they gotta do.

Remember all of our soldiers in your prayers. They are working hard to protect our freedom.

Nicholas as a young man working at 3AM with his natural mustache.

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