Good News for 2024!

Greetings and may this blog post find you in great health with your Medicare coverage working properly.

Can you believe the year is almost over? That’s what happens when you blink, life just keeps on zipping by!

Hopefully you are in good shape for 2024 but feel free to book a time on my calendar if you need help or reach out to my admin Gray.

Talk about time flying, Q and I celebrated 35 years of marriage this week, no attorneys required, thank goodness. Some of you certainly have us beat so send a picture and the number of years. Longest married (with a picture) wins a prize!

Karl and Quantz celebrate 35th anniversary with breakfast together.

We celebrated with breakfast at Snooze and they even threw in complimentary anniversary pancakes! The funniest part? The bill was exactly $35 bucks, go figure.

I almost missed the fancy card and the quality control survey Quantz put on my napkin. Of course I gave her five stars.

Anniversary napkin from Quantz to Karl Bruns-Kyler.

Apparently we weren’t the only ones celebrating this week. Joe’s sister in North Carolina sent this affectionate display to celebrate her brother’s birthday: Bikes, booze, barbecue and of course his wife Becky!

Happy 70th Birthday Joe.

Are you preparing to make 2024 the most joyous year ever? Here are some ideas that could be helpful in making the New Year even more meaningful. They come from Japan.

Ikigai, find purpose in your life. Pursue activities that align with your passions, talents, and reasons for being alive. Whether that means taking care of your family, sharing your faith, sharing your home, working, or volunteering, tapping into your purpose, your reason for remaining above ground will make the world better and bring a smile to your face.

My Ikigai is to help others, to take care of family, and to try to produce more than I consume. If I can put a smile on another person’s face, then it is double plus good.

Karl sitting with family at dinner together.

Kaizen, small, continuous improvements in various aspects of our lives.

We are a culture obsessed with the pursuit of massive gains, but real change typically involves small simple actions over a long period of time, not dramatic shifts.

A few extra steps every day, substituting oatmeal for Krispy Kreme doughnuts, practicing your balance while brushing your teeth… aim for gradual and sustainable progress over time. One percent better over time can produce profound results.

Elephant art.

Our daughter Sus applies Kaizen to her hobbies. This winter she learned to make light box frames and gave us one for Xmas. I admire her ability to never give up and to always be learning new things. Of course she may need to apply Kaizen to her garage!

Sus' garage in Colorado.

Hara Hachi Bu, don’t over fill yourself with food. We are blessed with an abundance of food at this time of year and I love to make Momofuku Bo Ssaam (Korean Pork Shoulder with sauces) and cheese fondue, my ultimate comfort foods.

“Hara hachi bu” is a Japanese concept that encourages people to eat until they are 80% full, promoting mindful and moderate eating for better health and longevity.

Of course we should enjoy our time with family and friends, and breaking bread together is one of life’s greatest joys, but… if we can catch ourselves before we are completely full, we can enjoy all of the benefits of food and companionship without the regret.

I definitely overate several times this holiday. That’s why I share these ideas. They are helpful reminders for me!

Karl on the slopes in Colorado.

Shoshin, approach every task as a beginner.

Whether it’s a board game (like the totally inappropriate but fun game “Cards Against Humanity”) or trying to resolve a Medicare issue, Shoshin emphasizes the attitude of approaching things with openness, eagerness, and a lack of preconceptions, allowing for continuous learning and growth.

Karl and his family playing card games near the Christmas tree.

A few weeks ago, I put my foot in my mouth with a close friend. A beginner’s mind would have helped so much. All we can do is learn, ask for forgiveness, and learn to laugh at ourselves. As Adam Grant so poignantly writes:

Adam Grant twitter post.

And best of all and perhaps the most challenging, Wabi-Sabi, embracing imperfection.

We are imperfect at best and that’s what makes us human and loveable. Accept that nothing is perfect, and appreciate the beauty in flaws, whether in objects, people, or situations.

Holidays give us a chance to connect with the important people in our lives. We can focus on the flaws or we can focus on the connections. The easy part is finding what’s wrong, the secret is remembering what is right. Some days easy, some days hard. All we can do is keep going.

Just remember to be like Mary Beth; she could’ve driven past the stray dog on the highway and cursed at the folly of humans for not taking care of their commitments.

Instead, she stopped, backed up, and took action. Clara Bell is now the joy of her life and the world is a better place. Well done Mary Beth.

Clara Bell the black dog sitting in front of a pink Christmas tree in December.

Last week, I took Plato to Ace Hardware to run an errand (Plato loves to go shopping). While in the checkout line, I heard a woman behind me comment, “what a big dog.” Remarkably (and I owe it ALL to blueberries), I recognized the woman’s voice (though we’d never met in person).

Gigi meets Plato.

“Gigi?” I asked. She was shocked and I introduced myself, “I’m Karl from the Big 65 and we spoke a few weeks ago on the phone” (Gigi has a very distinct voice). It was so much fun to connect with her and her son and to learn about the service work she does as a volunteer helping immigrants.

That’s the great thing about Plato, he always helps me to connect with others. This is him eight years ago next to our daughter’s favorite stuffed animal.

Plato next to a black and white stuffed dog.

So before the year ends, make it a mission to reach out to someone you love and remind them how important they are to you. Every moment, every connection is an opportunity to make things better. The choice is ours, now get busy! Happy New Year!

Rob and his new grandchild on a Skype call with Karl Bruns-Kyler.

Keep squeezing the juice out of life and look for ways to help others!

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