Prepare to be amazed!

Happy New Year!  Prepare to be amazed!

May this blog post find you in great health with your Medicare coverage working properly.

Is your 2024 off to a good start?

Q wasted no time getting Max and me to take down the Christmas tree while she packed up the ornaments.

It’s actually nice to have the open space again and Plato doesn’t seem to mind.

Quantz and Max take down the Christmas tree.

Hopefully your Medicare coverage is in good shape for 2024 but feel free to book a time on my calendar if you need help or reach out to my admin, Gray.

Just be sure to avoid all the Medicare commercials and the call centers. Remember, that’s why I’m here!

Karl tending to his bee supplies in the kitchen.

Despite a chilly winter here in Colorado, the bees have been incredibly busy. I had to refill both sugar boards and add new pollen paddies to the hives. Keep your fingers crossed the girls make it through the winter!

Bob and Sue tell me they’re counting on more honey for next year as well!

Bob and Sue holding a jar of honey from The Big 65 Medicare Insurance Services.

My favorite part of the holidays is always spending time with family and friends. We had a great time with Jeff and Vicki’s grand varmints playing spirited games of Jenga that always ended in glorious destruction.

Jeff and Vicki's grandchild playing Jenga.

So now that we have a few months of cold and dark to get through before spring, I’d like to remind you why life has never been better!

Now before you shout “not true,” let me absolutely confirm there are plenty of problems, but according to most measurable metrics, life on the planet is improving in dozens of measurable ways.

Remember, the media makes its money making us angry, interested, and upset and not by pointing out what’s going well. Therefore, it’s up to each of us to look for and build on the good every day.

Here are just a few of the remarkable accomplishments this year has seen.

Plato and friend playing together in the green grass.

Global health: numerous countries achieved disease elimination milestones. Egypt eradicated hepatitis C, formerly the world’s highest-burdened country. The Maldives triumphed over leprosy, while Bangladesh conquered both black fever and elephantiasis.

Niger led the way in Africa by eliminating river blindness, joined by Benin, Mali, and Iraq in eliminating trachoma. Timor-Leste, Bhutan, and North Korea celebrated the eradication of rubella, and Ghana achieved victory over sleeping sickness. Additionally, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, and Belize successfully eliminated malaria.”

(Lest we forget the small things, Deb spent time with her amazing son 😊)

Deb and son together.

In 2023, European cancer deaths dropped by 6.5% for men and 3.7% for women compared to 2018.

The United States saw a one-third reduction in cancer deaths over three decades.

Australia reported fewer skin cancers among those under 40. Promising advances were made in treating colon, skin, bladder, and cervical cancer.

Pfizer pledged to provide patented cancer drugs at cost to 1.2 billion people in low-income countries.

(And equally amazing, Italy allows dogs in the grocery stores 😲🌟!)

Cute dog in store.

Obesity affects over 70% of US adults and more than half of Europe. New treatments like Ozempic and Wegovy not only promote substantial weight loss but also lower the risk of heart failure, heart attacks, and strokes. This year’s breakthrough confirms that these drugs can indeed protect the health of people with obesity.

(Partially amazing? My little brother is still taking ice baths through the winter ❄️😱!)

Haas takes a cold plunge.

UNICEF says there are 50 million more girls in school today compared to 2015. Completion rates for girls have also gone up, from 86% to 89% in primary school and from 54% to 61% in high school. Additionally, five million more girls now complete all levels of education each year compared to seven years ago.

(Impressively, Karin and Ken celebrated 45 years together, well done 🎉🥳🎈!)

Karin and Ken share a meal together.

Something good for everyone:

Early data shows a remarkable 13% drop in murder rates for 2023, one of the biggest annual declines ever. Almost every major crime category, except auto theft, has also decreased. Violent crime is now at its lowest point in over 50 years, while property crime is at its lowest since the 1960s. Additionally, the country’s prison population is down 25% from its 2009 peak, with many states, including New Jersey and New York, reducing their prison populations by over 50% in the past decade.

What’s the most amazing fact of all?

Steve and Jo together.

Steve and Jo celebrating 51 and half years together (plus they’ve visited over 50 National Parks) and they were kind enough to share their adventure with all of us. Through thick and thin they continue to be there for each other 🎉🥳🎈!

So remember the next time your phone or the TV tries to make you angry, look for the good, be kind to someone else, and give thanks for being above ground!

Quantz works on puzzle.

Keep squeezing the juice out of life and look for ways to help others!

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