How are you treating yourself!

Happy November! 

May this blog find you in great health during the madness of the Medicare Annual Election Period (AEP).

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Having an Independent Medicare Insurance Broker means you don’t have to settle for a single carrier sneaking in and trying to railroad you into their plan. You and I can shop all the different carriers if you have questions. Don’t be bamboozled!

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Plato standing in the Colorado snow of Karl's backyard.

Plato hopes you and your family had a fun Halloween. Ours was a little colder than expected, plus some of the white stuff.

Karl Bruns-Kyler wraps a tree in the snow.

Q delegated wrapping operations from inside the house. Plato and I did our best to protect this tree from the cold and the deer. As you can see, he looks pretty comfortable in the snow.

Carving pumpkins in Karl's kitchen.

Sunday night was all about carving pumpkins, roasting seeds, and eating treats. Wine may have been involved and the names were changed to protect the innocent.

Daughter Sus and her pals in northern Colorado had a great time celebrating the holiday. I’m sending our honey to the first three who identify the characters and the movie they represented. Bee prompt.

Sus and friends in costumes for the guessing.

Congrats to Gail in Ohio for winning honey last week! She’s the only one who jumped in the leaves. Good on you Gail. Keep an eye out for a Starbucks card as well!

Gail playing in the leaves in Ohio.

Technically, Bryan didn’t follow the directions to take a selfie in the leaves, but this picture wins the award for cuteness, right? Bryan, the honey is on the way.

Cute kid playing in the autumn leaves.

The holidays have me thinking a lot about food and what’s ahead.

A recent news report estimated that starting from age 19, individuals experience a gradual decrease in calorie requirements, which becomes more evident in the 60s, leading either to possible weight gain or to a reduced appetite.

Aging also results in muscle loss, increased fat, brain shrinkage, and decreased physical activity, all contributing to fewer calories burned.

Karl's friend John holding a bottle of honey as Plato watches.

It’s hard for me to believe this is true when I meet someone like John, a veteran who is still working, laughing, and living well, but I guess it applies to all of us. It helps to be mindful of how we eat.

Two cute dogs together in a dining room.

As calorie needs decrease, older adults require more nutrients like calcium, vitamin B6, vitamin D, and protein.

Focusing on nutrient-dense foods becomes essential, with less room for treats. A multivitamin supplement can help fill gaps, but maintaining a balanced diet is crucial for health.

Karl with Helen Dave and Kate in Colorado.

I had a fun surprise Monday night when my 7pm phone appointment with Helen turned into a face to face at our house with Dave, Kate, and Helen. Flexibility is the secret to good living. It was a pleasure getting to know these folks who live just minutes away.

The door is always open, just be sure to give us 15 minutes warning so Quantz can hide upstairs!

An old photograph of Karl and his buddes back in school days.

If you’re a regular reader, you know I just returned from a high school reunion in the Shenandoah Valley. Growing up in a Mennonite community, the joke always was:

Mennonites don’t have sex standing up because they are afraid it’ll lead to dancing.

Of course social mores have loosened up (see the beer glasses below) but thank goodness, the friendships remain. You can see four of the six below from the picture above and we hung out with the other two as well. As we used to sing, “may the circle be unbroken.”

I sure give thanks for these guys!

Karl and his school buddies.

One of the joys of returning to where you grew up are the memories that return. My brothers pulled out these old pics of us playing speed chess with our late dad.

Dad would sometimes play us blindfolded and shout out the moves from the living room. He was rated just short of a Master and actually played Bobby Fisher once in New York when we were kids (so the story goes).

Karls dad playing chess with his sons.

None of us excelled to his level but every time we visited, the board would come out and the games would begin. See how his hand is raised in the picture above and below? Even though the second game wasn’t a speed chess game with a clock, at 84 he was still in competitive form, ready to slap the timer.

Our best hope of winning was only if he spotted us a piece and a couple of cocktails.

Karl and his dad playing chess in later years.

I couldn’t count the thousands of games we played, but what a pleasure to be playing and honoring our father whenever we get together on the chessboards we played on with him.

Karl and bros playing chess.

Please share your family’s rituals, the ones you want to pass on and gift them to the next generation. You will be glad you did!

Nick playing chess.

My amazing wife Q has only two speeds, on or on. She’s been home a week, caught up on the house, and now she’s volunteering again for the Sherriff’s department. Mostly phone calls and clerical, but keep an eye out for her on election day, keeping the peace at a voter station near you.

So get out there and vote, be a great citizen and THANK your neighbor for having a different set of beliefs than you do. That’s what makes America amazing!

“There is no them, there is only us!”

Quantz ready for duty.

Keep squeezing the juice out of life!

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