Screen Time and the Pursuit of Happiness

Greetings from Valparaiso.

May this blog post find you in great health with your Medicare coverage working properly.

Well, the Bruns-Kylers are continuing their adventure in South America. You know I encourage each of you to seek out your own adventures, whether at home or abroad, so I’m doing my best to live by these words.

But don’t worry, I work from wherever we are exploring.

Karl and Quantz standing in front of a colorful door.

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Before leaving Bogota, we had the pleasure of reconnecting with Flo, the daughter of Quantz’s French cousin who lived with us in Denver last year. She is studying Spanish and volunteering before starting grad school next year. What a surprise to see her in Colombia.

Flo, Karl, and Nicholas having dinner on a wooden table in Columbia.

Sadly, we finally had to say “Adios” to our Air Force son, Nicholas. He returned to his base in Britain last Friday and we already miss him. I hope you’re keeping all our soldiers in your prayers, it’s a crazy world out there!

Quantz embracing her son, Nicholas.

But kids grow up and we have to move on. We have to keep asking, what’s the next big thing?

Each of us will have a different answer so I’m no help here, but…

Karl admiring artwork on a wall.

I can tell you the next small thing to avoid, and that is too much screen time ‍📱😵‍💻.

A young girl sliding down a slide.

In the United States, we average about 7 hours daily staring at screens 😱!

How you feel when you see bogus Medicare ad on television.

Of course this number is increasing every year and we don’t even notice. We are like frogs in a pot of water slowly getting warmer 🐸🍲🔥. One day it will boil.

A mummy in Chile.

Let’s not negate the many positives of screens: we can stay connected to others, it’s easy to share pictures of the ones we love, and some apps can absolutely save us time and money. I love face timing with family and friends.

Quantz admiring the Pointsettas.

But on average, we spend 44% of our time awake staring at screens and that may not be making us healthier or happier.

Octavio and his sons meeting Karl Bruns-Kyler.

Some of the physical risks of using a phone too much include cyber sickness, text claw, eye strain, and fatigue.

A map of the area that Karl and Quantz are visiting.

Excessive screen time can increase the risk of depression. Limiting time engaged in social media to 30 minutes daily may improve well-being.

AirBnB tip of the day - check out the bathroom.

The great news is small changes can reduce your screen time and increase your well-being.

Susan and her husband in Chile.

Put your phone away during meals and keep it out of the bedroom. If you’re on your phone, set a timer and take a break every 30 minutes, rest your eyes, move around, and stretch.

Marilyn showing Karl a photo on her phone.

I just learned about this really cool technology… books. Most of the US has amazing libraries and if you haven’t visited one recently, I promise you’ll be amazed.

Remember, we can’t be perfect. I am as guilty as everyone of overusing my screens 😇😈, but with a little attention, we can improve our lives and our health. As James Clear says, 1% every day. Keep going 🌟😊👍!

Quantz holding a glass of red wine in each hand.

And keep squeezing the juice out of life and look for ways to help others!

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