Here’s the one D that’s good for you!

May this blog find you in great health with your Medicare Insurance working properly 😊.

Plato hopes you’re enjoying the leaves wherever you are in America. In fact, he double 🐶 dares you to make a pile and jump on it 🍁.

I’ll send a bottle of our honey to the first three people who send selfies in the leaves.

And don’t worry, yellowing Florida palm fronds count 🌴!

Plato getting ready for the Annual Election Period for 2023.

The Annual Election Period is in full swing and the phone is ringing.

If you’re happy with your current coverage, and there have been no major changes, then no action is necessary, leave things be 🐝. But…

If you are unhappy, unsure, or just want peace of mind, book a time here. We have till December 7th. Here’s my current list of states:



Remember: anyone who calls YOU about Medicare without permission is BREAKING THE LAW. Ask for their insurance license number and watch them disappear 👿.

Virginia countryside.

Yours truly had a great time visiting clients, old high school classmates, and family in the Shenandoah Valley. Reconnecting is good for the heart and great for the soul, and it is a reminder we are getting older!

Karl and Hass cold water plunge in Virginia.

It wasn’t easy to convince my little brother to take an ice bath ❄️ on his farm in late October. The shock is good for the body and the brain, but don’t you try it till you consult a doctor.

I would’ve posted the video, but Haas dropped too many F bombs 😅. That’s what brothers do, right?

Three nice ladies holding fruit.

Nobody likes feeling older so one of the most important things we can do as we age is to take the time to practice self care, especially of the brain.

A recent study posits that vitamin D deficiencies could be linked to an increased risk of stroke or dementia. And here’s the crazy thing…

Friends gathering inside a dark room for The Big 65.

Up to 42% of US adults may be deficient in vitamin D!! The good news is there are plenty of easy ways to remedy this problem.

Friends gathering to break bread at a small dining room table.

Here are some simple ways to increase vitamin D:

•  Spend time in the sun.
•  Eat vitamin D-rich foods, fatty fish, eggs, and cheese.
•  Take supplements if necessary.
•  Include mushrooms in your diet.

Be sure to consult your doctor for personalized advice, but do pick at least one and add it to your life, and let us know if it helps!

Haas in the mountains of Virginia.

68 pounds🍯. That was the honey harvest this year.

Karl and Plato in Colorado with the honey.

Thanks to so many friends for their advice and help in the harvesting and taking care of the bees. I’m keeping my fingers crossed the winter isn’t too hard on them.

Karl's good neighbor Erick holding a bottle of Karl's honey.

Neighbor Erick was kind enough to enough to give me advice about my sprinkler system so I sent him home with honey.

He is an amazing landscape architect who recently completed Seven Stones here in Colorado, a botanical garden cemetery with a whole new approach to celebrate and honor the passing of life. I can’t wait to walk the property. Even better, they have bees!

Miss Shirley smiling for The Big 65.

We lost one of my favorites in Atlanta this month. Miss Shirley was 95, beautiful on the inside and the outside, one of those remarkable people you get the privilege to hear about. Healthy, kind, engaged, and loved. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Adrienne told me her mom loved seeing her picture in the newsletter. In fact, we’d just been talking about her the week before she passed. Miss Shirley, you’ll be missed. Hope your ears are ringing in heaven.

Stan and Michelle in London.

Stan and Michelle finally pulled off their dream adventure: London, Highclere Castle (from Downton Abbey), Paris, Provence, and Giverny, plus lots of great wine.

Here’s wishing the engineer and his wife continued adventures!

Thomas House restaurant in Dayton Virginia.

If you ever find yourself a wandering in the Shenandoah, be sure to visit the Thomas House in Dayton, Virginia. Just off Route 11, we’ve been eating there since time out of mind.

Old Mama Thomas has long passed, though some of her china plates still remain on the walls, and the food will bring you back. Digging in to this comfort food reminds me of my days working on Abe Lincoln’s uncle’s dairy farm before school, in the heart of Virginia Mennonite country.

Thomas House restaurant in Dayton, Virginia.

You may need to take a statin and some insulin before grabbing a meat and three plus a glass of sweet tea, but I assure you, it’s worth the indulgence.

Luke and Lightning Lukas at Thomas House.

Better yet, go with your best friend Luke, his son Lightning Lucas, and a big appetite. You won’t be disappointed.

Leave a good tip and a great smile. The world will thank you.

Good news: Quantz finally came home 🎉!  Last stop was Armenia, including a glimpse of Mount Ararat and this Gampr, a huge dog bred to protect flocks from predators (the ears are cropped so the wolves can’t bite them).

73 countries visited, 122 to go! Miles to go before we sleep.

Quantz hugging a Gampr.

Keep squeezing the juice out of life!

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How to prevent cognitive decline and dementia in Medicare age individuals

Would you like to know how to slow down cognitive decline, isolation and depression in Medicare age individuals?

Watch this and find out.

That’s right, get a hearing aid! Now before you start whinging about cost and the nuisance factor and the annoyance, hear me out 😊.

After too many concerts as a young man, I finally got a pair of inner ear hearing aids they truly changed my life and the lives of those I love.

I can hear the birds sing when we drink our morning coffee. I don’t yell at the kids (as much). I don’t have to pretend I understand. That’s a big deal.

Studies have shown hearing loss leads to isolation, falls, reduced heart health, depression and dementia. Being able to hear well is life changing.

My audiologist tells me most people wait SEVEN YEARS past the time they need them. Most importantly, restored hearing can save a marriage and improve the quality of your life.

Some Medicare plans do cover the cost or partial cost of hearing aids. If your plan doesn’t, consider a trip to Costco. They have in store testing and reasonably priced equipment.

If that’s still out of your price range, visit a Bose audio store and try out their Bose Hearphones ( I have a pair I use for phone work). You can actually adjust the acoustics using your smart phone and they are amazing (and priced at just $500).

I can actually hear and communicate in a noisy restaurant (assuming we ever eat out again). Plus they are the only self regulating hearing aids approved by the FDA.

So don’t let your damn pride get in the way of living well. Get your hearing tested. You’ll be glad you did.

The Big 65 Medicare Insurance Services does not offer every plan available in your area. Any information we provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area. Please contact or 1-800-MEDICARE to get information on all your options.