Please don’t ever pay your bill immediately!

Greetings and may this blog post find you in great health with your Medicare coverage working properly.

If you changed plans in the fall, you should have received your new ID cards by now.

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In talking with clients this week, I’m hearing a lot about issues with billing.

According to this article, up to 80% of all medical bills have at least one error.

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Client Stan tells me he’s pulled out most of his hair trying to get a shingles vaccine bill properly coded and submitted. He received incorrect information from the doctor and from Medicare ☹. Stan is a retired engineer so if someone as logical as he is can’t get the right answer, it sure is frustrating.

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I wish I could tell you there was a single step you could take to avoid billing issues, but complicated problems are never solved that easily.

However, if you have a Medicare Supplement, Plan G, your only out-of-pocket for Medicare approved services (excluding drugs, dental, and vision) is $240.

If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, the summary of benefits should you provide you with exact costs for deductibles, copays and the maximum out of pocket each year.

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Nevertheless, here are some suggestions to help you avoid over paying:

Check Your Information:

  • Billing errors can happen due to small mistakes on your insurance claim form.
  • Even a single missing digit in your insurance ID or a misspelled name can lead to denied claims and premature billing.
  • Verify that your insurance details on the bill are accurate and have been processed by your insurance company.

Compare to EOB:

  • After your health insurance processes claims, you’ll receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB).
  • Compare your medical bill to the EOB to ensure the amount on the invoice matches what your insurance says you owe.

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Beware of Aggressive Billing:

  • Some providers may send bills while your insurance is still processing your claim.
  • Don’t pay these bills without checking with your insurance company.
  • Look for phrases like “Due Now,” “Estimated Amount Due,” or “Amount You May Owe.”

Request an Itemized Statement:

  • Medical bills often lack a detailed breakdown of charges.
  • Ask for an itemized statement to ensure you’re only paying for services and items you received.
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Check Billing Codes:

  • Each medical procedure has a billing code (HCPS/CPT), and there are diagnosis codes (ICD-10) for medical conditions.
  • Review these codes to ensure they’re correct.
  • Mistakes in codes can lead to claim denials or unjustified procedures.
  • Research codes independently and take action if there’s an issue.

Negotiate a Reduction:

  • If your bill is more than you can afford, negotiate with the provider.
  • Find resources online to determine fair service costs.
  • Make your financial constraints known and ask for a discount or a payment plan.
  • Paying a lump sum may increase your chances of getting a discount.
  • Ask for zero interest on a payment plan.

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Act Quickly:

  • Address your medical bills promptly to avoid collection agency involvement.
  • Hospitals must wait six months before reporting to credit bureaus, but late reporting can affect your credit for years.
  • Taking quick action can prevent future financial issues like higher interest rates or difficulty securing loans.

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The bottom line: be slow and extra careful BEFORE you remit any payment to healthcare providers and call the insurance company for help as well. This process will not eliminate the number of mistakes, but hopefully it will reduce them.

In case you couldn’t tell, the Bruns-Kyler family is celebrating their first vacation as a family together in almost three years. We finally got our Air Force son together with the rest of the family at the same time. We are giving thanks for warm weather and this time together in Aruba. Can you tell Q was happy to see our son?

Remember, life is short. Don’t take anything or anyone for granted!

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Keep squeezing the juice out of life and look for ways to help others!

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Watch Out For Overbilling On Medical Claims

Happy November and may this find you in good health with your Medicare insurance working properly.

Did you survive the elections and all of the storms coming up from Florida?

Only about 4 weeks left until the Medicare Madness of Open Enrollment is over.

Hopefully you’re also ignoring the noise and the false promises your hear on TV and from the illegal call centers, but if you do have questions, feel free to book a time on my calendar.

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Watch Out For Overbilling On Medical Claims

One of things I enjoy most about my work as a broker is catching up with clients all over the country, seeing how they are doing and making certain their coverage is working properly.

This week, I spoke with three different clients who had made a Medicare mistake that cost them money they shouldn’t have had to pay. Click on the picture so you don’t the same thing.

Watch Out For Overbilling On Medical Claims
I wrote about this problem earlier in the year, but it seems to be getting worse. Another studyu have to be on your toes.

One study claims that at least four out of five medical bills contain minor errors.

Another study says that 50% of all Medicare bills have errors.

Perhaps these numbers are inflated, but the reality is medical billing errors are common and you have to be on your guard.

If you have a Medicare Supplement, other than a small annual deductible, normally, you shouldn’t have any additional copays for the hospital or your doctor visits.

If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, your copays are clearly spelled out in your summary of benefits.

So remember: if you receive a bill, don’t pay it until you’ve reviewed it with your insurer and confirm that it has been properly coded and submitted. Take your time and don’t fall victim to the medical industrial complex!

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Well, I sure was happy to have Quantz home from her adventures in England visiting our son. Even though this is my busy season, we did find time to go out for lunch.

Of course after a week at home, she left me again… to visit her parents in South Carolina and to help them clean up after the hurricane.

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To celebrate Veteran’s Day in advance, we bought our Air Force son (and a buddy) tickets to the Broncos football game at Wembley stadium in London

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Judging by their smiles, these two soldiers had a great time (and the Broncos won)! Be sure to reach out to the military members of your family and in your community and thank them for their service. Nicholas is two years into his four year commitment, keep him and all our soldiers all in your prayers.

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My little brother Haas sent me this picture of our older brother Robert as they enjoyed a glass of beer and bushel of crabs from the eastern shore of Maryland. Wish I’d been there to join them but I’m happy they spent time together.

Are you finding ways to spend time with your family? Life is short, live large while you can.

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Clients David and Ramona sent this picture of their kitchen in Virginia, making pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin soup. That, to me, is living large and living well! Empty nesters enjoying time together.

How do I live large? Well, before she left for South Carolina, Q took me to a museum and I expressed my creativity as an artist.

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Don’t worry, I won’t be quitting my day job :), Medicare is what I do.

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Karl Bruns-Kyler is a Medicare insurance broker and independent Medicare agent licensed to help Medicare recipients in twenty-two states around the country, including:

New Jersey
New York
North Carolina
South Carolina

We do not offer every plan available in your area. Any information we provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area. Please contact or 1-800-MEDICARE to get information on all your options.

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Don’t Pay Your Medicare Bills Until You Are Sure They Are Right!

Recently, one of my Medicare clients received a $50,000 bill for a hospital stay.

I hate to say it but…

It’s not that unusual for medical billing to be incorrect.

When a client in Ohio received the $50k hospital bill, I had to jump in.

After a couple of calls and a long time on hold…

We finally got the bill corrected and resubmitted.

The client’s portion?

Less than a thousand 😊, whew!

If you receive a bill and the numbers look high… remember that medical overbilling happens all the time.

Or different than your what your summary of benefits dictates…

Don’t pay right away.

Call your insurance provider and review the billing.

If the numbers don’t match, call the healthcare provider billing department.

Tell them to review the billing codes and to resubmit the bill to your provider.

Sometimes it can take multiple calls, but it’s definitely worth the trouble.

Remember, information is power. So arm yourself with as much information as possible.   What exactly does your insurance cover?  What doesn’t it cover?   The more information you have and the better informed you are, the better prepared you will be to spot errors in medical bills.

There are many reasons why medical overbilling occurs.  Some of these reasons include:  Upcoding, Duplicate Billing, Over-prescribing Drugs, and Utilization Abuse.  Again, educate yourself and pay close attention to all medical bills BEFORE making payment.

Here’s a Medicare link to new protections against surprise medical bills.

And if you have questions about Medicare Insurance, book a time on my calendar.

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