Opt Out of Credit Card Offers … for 5 Years or Forever!

Who isn’t annoyed by overabundance of junk mail? If you’ve checked your mail this week, chances are pretty good you’ve received a credit card offer, or two or three or more!

If a consumer is carrying credit card debt, sometimes enrolling in a new credit card and transferring the balance to a 0% interest offer or a 12-month low interest card can be a life line, providing time to get caught up on finances.

But receiving offers in the mail may not be best for the best way to review offers and it this abundance of mail may pose risk to your credit. Our recommendation: opt out of all pre-solicited credit card offers by visiting this site. You can choose to opt out for 5 years or forever. If you are looking to find out which credit cards offer 0% or low interest credit card offers, or competitive travel points awards, visit NerdWallet.

Unless all financial paperwork is shredded, financial junk mail can end up in the hands of dumpster divers, data thieves looking to steal credit. Dumpster diving may not be as common as it was but it is still a threat. So opt out of all those unwanted offers, your mailbox will thank you!

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