Stop The Robo Calls!

stop robo callsStop the robo calls!

Can you imagine a life without annoying robo calls? Wouldn’t that be amazing, if we only received calls from people with whom we wanted speak? Of course if you are a Millennial, your answer is, “I don’t use the phone for talking 😊. But for the rest us, robo calls are a pain in the back side.

I just got off the phone with a client complaining about the dozens of robocalls he gets every day! The good news, there are some strategies to reduce them.

Most people know to register their phones on the website, but that doesn’t seem to deter the calls.

The link to the article below has some great ideas for how to minimize the nuisance.

Here are the ones I like:

  1. Don’t answer if you don’t recognize the number! This is the best one. If I get a call I don’t recognize on my cell phone, I text the automatic reply, “sorry I can’t talk.” If they don’t leave a message, it’s probably a robocall.
  2. Get a landline blocker at one of the big box stores or Amazon. Remember to check if the technology will work with your brand of phone. Better yet, get rid of your landline.
  3. Never opt out on the call. I used to do this. Apparently, if you engage with the call in any way, and that includes opting out, it puts your number on a “hot list.”
  4. There’s an app for that. There is iPhone App called Nomorobo. It’s $1.99 a month. After one ring, the software can decide if the call is a robo call. If it is, it hangs up for you. It should be coming out for Android soon.

This problem will be with us for a while but with a little effort, we can make it a little less annoying. Now if anyone has a solution for robo faxes, PLEASE let me know!!

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