Don’t Pay Your Medicare Bills Until You Are Sure They Are Right!

Recently, one of my Medicare clients received a $50,000 bill for a hospital stay.

I hate to say it but…

It’s not that unusual for medical billing to be incorrect.

When a client in Ohio received the $50k hospital bill, I had to jump in.

After a couple of calls and a long time on hold…

We finally got the bill corrected and resubmitted.

The client’s portion?

Less than a thousand 😊, whew!

If you receive a bill and the numbers look high… remember that medical overbilling happens all the time.

Or different than your what your summary of benefits dictates…

Don’t pay right away.

Call your insurance provider and review the billing.

If the numbers don’t match, call the healthcare provider billing department.

Tell them to review the billing codes and to resubmit the bill to your provider.

Sometimes it can take multiple calls, but it’s definitely worth the trouble.

Remember, information is power. So arm yourself with as much information as possible.   What exactly does your insurance cover?  What doesn’t it cover?   The more information you have and the better informed you are, the better prepared you will be to spot errors in medical bills.

There are many reasons why medical overbilling occurs.  Some of these reasons include:  Upcoding, Duplicate Billing, Over-prescribing Drugs, and Utilization Abuse.  Again, educate yourself and pay close attention to all medical bills BEFORE making payment.

Here’s a Medicare link to new protections against surprise medical bills.

And if you have questions about Medicare Insurance, book a time on my calendar.

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Watch your Medicare Drug Costs!

As a Medicare Insurance Broker, one of the biggest frustrations clients have is the cost of prescription drugs.

Once you’re in a drug plan, it still makes sense to be a good consumer.

Before filling your prescription with your drug plan, ask your pharmacist the cash price for the medication.

It’s also a good idea to check out the cost of a medication using the free website good

Before filling a brand-name medication, ask your pharmacist if there is a generic alternative that is less expensive and talk to your doctor about that.

Also talk with your pharmacist about getting a higher dosage prescription and breaking it in half if your pharmacist considers it a safe thing to do.

 Remember, be a smart consumer about your medication, and if you have questions about Medicare, book a time on my calendar here.

One Key To Longevity

As a Medicare Insurance Broker, I have the privilege of working with retirees all over the US.

Some are thriving; some are struggling. One thing that everyone wants? Good health.

One of the simplest things we can do to improve our health is stay physically active.

Small steps over a long period of time can have a hugely positive impact on our health.

Walking, balance exercising or even light housework counts as physical exercise.

So look for simple achievable options you can perform daily to stay in motion and to feel better.

And if you have Medicare Insurance Questions, book a time on my calendar here.

Homeowners Beware!

As your Medicare Insurance Broker, I encourage you to schedule a time on my calendar every year to make sure your coverage is up to date.

It’s equally important to review your homeowners coverage with an independent property & casualty broker as well.

Understand the deductibles, make sure your valuable items are scheduled and have your broker shop the rates so you are not surprised.

I work with the same clients for years and years and clients appreciate that I am not tied to a single Medicare Insurance Company.

The same is true of Property and Casualty Brokers that are independent.

Find one that you like and trust who works hard for you.

Here’s an article to get educated.

And if you have questions about Medicare, or Medicare insurance, book the time on my calendar here.

My job is to help you take the mystery out of Medicare :-)!

Watch Out For Medicare Dyn-o-mite!

As a Medicare Insurance Broker, clients call me daily asking about all the “free Medicare benefits” they keep seeing on TV.

Jimmie Walker as JJ on the TV Show “Good Times.”

Joe Namath the quarterback.

Would you call them to review your Medicare?

Of course not!

They’re actors pitching HUGE BENEFITS…

Benefits that, in reality, are usually available only to consumers BELOW THE POVERTY LINE.

But they want you to think…

Everyone is getting Flex cards, everyone is getting benefits, what am I missing?

The reality? Unless a couple earns LESS than $24,000, most people won’t be for eligible high dollar benefits you hear about on these ads.

Now it is important to review your coverage.

But don’t do it with a call center!

Why not?

Because these corporations only get paid if they switch you.

Do you think that makes them impartial? Impossible!

They have ZERO INCENTIVE to tell you your current plan is appropriate.

If you call in, the deck is stacked against you!

Plus, once they bait and switch you, you will never talk to them again…

You’ll be transferred to the corporate retention center.

Try developing a relationship with a corporate retention center!

Let’s be clear, it is important to review your coverage regularly but…

You need to find an INDEPENDENT MEDICARE INSURANCE BROKER, someone you can work with year after year, someone who works with all the plans.

Look up your Broker’s report card on your State’s Department of Insurance website.

Look up your Broker’s google reviews.

Schedule an appointment. See if you connect.

The bottom line… find a helpful agent you connect with and talk to year after year.

Someone who is looking out for you!

It’s good to have questions, and it is important to review your coverage but…

Watch out for Dyn-O-Mite.

And if you need help from an individual, not a corporation…

Book a time on my calendar here!

Get A Second Opinion!

Hello Medicare Shopper, I hope this note finds you well.

Just like they said in the Paul Newman movie Blaze…

“Never trust a man who says ‘trust me!'”

The same goes for healthcare.

You already know that most healthcare practitioners are decent, honest, well meaning professionals, committed to maintaining and improving your health.

But that doesn’t mean they are free of cognitive bias. We are all guilty of being trapped in our in silos of beliefs and practices.

So if you receive health advice and they recommend invasive/expensive services or procedures…


More often than not, the second opinion will confirm the advice of the first practitioner…

But sometimes it won’t.

I had a dentist who recommended a crown. Like any normal patient, I had the crown done and thought nothing of it (Other than it was a lot of money).

Six months later, they recommended another crown for a different tooth. That gave me pause!

Instead of saying yes immediately, I had their office email the x-rays and the paperwork to me and then sent them to a different dentist.

The new dentist told me that I could have the crown done if I wanted but that it truly wasn’t necessary, not yet anyway!

My wallet said thank you!

Look, getting a second opinion is NOT an indictment of your doctor!

My brother is a Radiation Oncologist. He routinely provides second opinions and encourages his patients to seek out second opinions as well.

And like this article on WebMD says, visit a different institution if you can.

A competent Medicare Insurance Broker will do the same thing: they will work with multiple carriers and types of coverage so that you can explore all of your options, and NOT pigeon hole you into a single plan or company.

So get a second opinion, and if you need one on Medicare insurance options, book a time on my calendar here.

Sunscreen vs Screentime

Sunscreen vs Screentime – As a Medicare Insurance Broker, I speak with clients all over the country.

Some are living well and others are struggling.

Of course that’s normal.

We can’t control everything, but…

Little changes can pay huge dividends.

One of the simplest ways to improve our health and our happiness is…

Get outside!

Sunscreen vs Screentime – Even a few minutes of time in the sun, pulling weeds, walking about or jumping in the rec center pool can improve our mood and make us feel better.

It’s all about small steps and staying active.

Here’s a link to an article.

And if you have questions about Medicare Insurance, click here to schedule a time to chat.

And just like mom said, get out of the house now! 🙂

Hearing Loss Ruins Everything!


Hearing Loss Ruins Everything – As a Medicare As a Medicare Insurance Broker, I speak with clients every week about Medicare Insurance options, the topic of self-care, and how retirees best manage the aging process.

Want to know the biggest mistake I see?

How hard it is for some people to deal with hearing loss.

That used to be me!

Hearing Loss Ruins Everything – Hearing loss causes social isolation, cognitive decline and it can lead to depression.

The average person procrastinates more than six years AFTER hearing loss has occurred!

Wanna be happier? Wanna live longer? Want have more meaningful connections?

Swallow your damn pride and get your hearing tested!

It changed my life for the better.

Some Medicare Insurance plans include hearing benefits, so check your plan.

If they don’t, go to Costco or Sam’s Club and schedule a free hearing test.

Just remember to be patient with the hearing aid learning process…

Hearing loss occurs over time and it usually takes a while to find the right equipment and for the brain to adjust.

Of course not everyone succeeds with hearing aids.

But, if you persevere, the payoff is HUGE…

More joy, better relationships, and you might be able to hear the birds again!

Here’s great article on hearing loss.

And if you do need help or have questions about Medicare Insurance Plans, book a time on my calendar.

I’ll be happy to help.

Talk soon!